So, I am sitting here in blog central in Wisconsin, trying to figure out what is going on at the Steinberg Center, and watching TV at the same time for the weather forecast and the political news, and the phone rings. Thanks to TWC, when the phone rings, the TV tells us who’s calling.

Roundabout Theater Company. Yes, they are calling me during the Love, Love, Love premiere.

It was a fundraising call and I have donated what I plan to donate to Roundabout this year (for $125 I can join at the next level and get some tickets to a reading I can’t attend), and I was polite. I said I would think about it and I will.

But what a moment. I’m lining tweets of premiere arrivals and the theater calls me. Surreal.

~ by Servetus on October 20, 2016.

3 Responses to “Hilarious!”

  1. Lol !!! 👌😜😎


  2. Ya well, they have your number now.


  3. I told her I didn’t have itme to talk because I was live-blogging her premiere — but she was not interested.


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