Richard Armitage at Romeo & Juliet cover reveal

Obviously not hungover after the after-party last night.


~ by Servetus on October 20, 2016.

21 Responses to “Richard Armitage at Romeo & Juliet cover reveal”

  1. How many white T-shirts does the guy own ? Did he just buy a year’s supply ?

  2. If you have Instagram it’s worth checking out audible’s account for their “story” of the event–RA gives a little toast and sounds deliciously gravelly. You don’t have to follow them to view the story.

  3. His pants need hemming……(sorry, I just can’t help it. It’s a pet peeve)

    • agree with you about the pants even the jacket especially the sleeves looked way too long, if Mr. Richard Armitage straightened his arm the jacket sleeve would of covered his hand. Mr. Richard Armitage should of left off the jacket. Mr. Richard Armitage does look handsome but he would of looked handsomely, sexier in just the white t-shirt.

  4. Well, it was in no way aggravating to have to figure that out. FFS. Twenty minutes fiddling to download the damn story.

  5. If anyone can’t find / see this on their phone, I uploaded it (in pieces; that was what the app gave me) on my YT channel: Eventually I may paste them together but I am in a rush at the moment.

  6. You can see the screencaps of the “story” under “new posts” here

  7. I do like the cover but again I just went to Amazon to pre-order and it is only for download on your computer. I just hope that when December comes around that Amazon will change their minds and also put it on cd, not the mp3 cd, but the regular cd.

  8. Yeah I’m trying to figure out how to download it too–haven’t figured it out yet and it sounds complicated from your experience!

    • Go to Chrome on your computer, then search for an extension called “Chrome IG Story” and download it and enable it (I didn’t realize you had to do that — just dl’d Chrome today so was not familiar w/that browser). Then go to your IG, still on your computer. In your newsfeed you will see a little round circle near the top which indicates you have a story — right click on that and you can download it. That gave me the whole story in five pieces. Eventually I’ll paste them together in iMovie but not at the moment, I think.

      What’s frustrating is that absolutely nothing about this worked in the way the instructions suggested it should, so I spent a lot of time fruitlessly clicking.

  9. Thank you!! I thought I could only download to my phone–this is really helpful!

  10. It looks like he’s wearing a jacket and trousers that used to fit him, now that he’s lost weight they are hanging off his slighter frame. I’m trying to remember if and where I’ve seen him wear them before.

    • I agree — this probably can’t be, but maybe for one of the Hobbit press days? He had on kind of baggy jeans?

      Given how basic his everyday wardrobe seems to be, I wonder if he doesn’t just buy multiples of things. Problematic if there’s weight loss, of course.

  11. Thanks for this.

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