This is so frustrating

Honestly — I don’t know why all of these social media companies seem so determined to make transmission of information harder rather than easier. I’m just now becoming a smartphone user out of necessity, but I suspect I will be a hybrid for a very long time because phones and tablets can’t keep up with my fingers. I’d like to just be able to click on stuff and see it and then download it — not go to go on a whole tech odyssey to preserve the things that are important to me. This is not improving my “meh” opinion of Audible in the least.


~ by Servetus on October 20, 2016.

2 Responses to “This is so frustrating”

  1. I had a moment where I googled how to save the Instagram stories of other people, but required downloading obscure apps. Not for me.

    Using Instagram stories that last only 24 hours seems a little too “chasing the trend” to me. They could have posted 30 second videos in Instagram proper, twitter and FB just fine. And it would have reached more people over a longer time.

    But folks often choose the social media approach that seems catchy to them, not considering what they want the postings to do in the long run.


    • I ran across this somewhere else before and thought, no way am I adding an app for this, but this crossed the relevance border for me. Complicated by the fact that I did not have Chrome on my computer (I do now), only on the phone. And for some reason you can’t download the story onto the phone, which would have been the most convenient. Grrrr.

      I feel like it’s another instance of “marketer wants you to care, but not too much!” And with this particular fandom, there are a lot of people who aren’t hanging on the drop every second — they put off their Richarding till Sunday when they catch up (noticeable stats pattern). They’re not going to change that because of a social media trend (heck, half the people who comment here don’t even have Twitter), they’ll just feel excluded.


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