Whose bright idea was this?

So I just idly flipped over to EPIX and guess what’s on at 8 p.m. tonight? Episode One of Berlin Station. No problems, except, oops, that’s when the presidential debate is on.

at about 8:25 I will flip over briefly to see this:

You've still got it, babe.

You’ve still got it, babe.

And then return to election insanity.

~ by Servetus on October 20, 2016.

20 Responses to “Whose bright idea was this?”

  1. You can watch it over and over whenever you feel like, cant you?


  2. “…briefly” ? Lol! 😉 So hard to drag ones eyes away from the thighs!


  3. Interesting that you know the exact time to tune in for the, uhh, scar scene? RA did say to take particular notice of it after all.


  4. So EPIX aired it again at 11 and dad just walked into the living as Faisal and Hector were kissing each other. He was not amused.


  5. 😀 Great timing!


  6. He has the thighs of a runner as Lucas when he ran, his jean would really be pulled to the limit. He has fantastic thighs.


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