Berlin Station publicity will not stop chasing me #richardarmitage

My buddy Obscura and I had lunch today in town. Nothing remarkable about that, I suppose. On Fridays one of the local Thai restaurants (this is kind of a Thai food desert we live in, restaurateurs who know what galanga is are desperately needed here) has on its daily buffet our mutual favorite Thai soup: Tom kha tofu (wikipedia informs me it’s called ต้มข่าเต้าหู้). But only on Fridays. Also Friday is a less stressful work day for Obscura, so we can have a longer lunch.

We sat down with our soup and started chewing through stuff, both lunch and life — mostly things going on at Obscura’s work, but then more general issues around university life and work; we don’t really talk about Richard Armitage that much anymore — and I was glancing idly toward the bar and saw an ad for Berlin Station! I mean, really! On the History Channel, in a bar in a Thai restaurant. I wasn’t fast enough with my camera to catch the ad, but here’s the bar:


This was more or less my view; I was seated probably five feet further back.

It was the thirty second spot that has Daniel Miller on the roof and ends with “Episodes Free to Watch Now” or something like that.

So we go on talking and we’re getting ready to go and what happens? AGAIN my attention is caught by a Berlin Station ad. They must be showing it every half hour.

I’m getting used to being tracked by the Internet. Obscura was telling me about her current shoe-buying dilemma (she really likes shoes) and how after she was researching it, Twitter started showing her all kinds of shoe ads. I guess that is what happened today. I asked her over FB if she wanted to go to lunch, so that’s how EPIX knew how to send the ad to a restaurant in our area. But we only decided after we were in the car to go to that particular restaurant, although to some extent a Friday lunch has a solid probability of happening in that restaurant as it’s the only passable Thai place in town and we both love that soup. But the place we lunch most frequently doesn’t have a television set. Obviously, we need more research to understand this phenomenon …

Just kidding. But honestly, it did freak me out a little bit. Is no place safe from EPIX marketing?

~ by Servetus on October 22, 2016.

5 Responses to “Berlin Station publicity will not stop chasing me #richardarmitage”

  1. Go over the border into Canada. Problem solved.


  2. I’m told that on the internet it’s cookies that cause you to get personalized ads… maybe you had cookies at the Thai place? 😉


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