If you’re seeing LLLPlay and attending the stage door …

Aside from being a sweet description, this is a really practical description of some tips — especially, don’t stay for the entire curtain call and telling people between you and the aisle that you’ll need to leave quickly. If Armitage is out in ten minutes, you will not want to dawdle inside the theater.

~ by Servetus on October 22, 2016.

9 Responses to “If you’re seeing LLLPlay and attending the stage door …”

  1. Just hold it until restaurant or Grand Central!


  2. Looks like there will be no chance for me at the SD 😉 Well, seeing him on stage is worth flying all the long way from Moscow ❤️ While the wall is not back yet


  3. Thank you for passing on the SD advice. I will make sure I get out fast as I can, without stepping on any toes or trampling fellow fans. I have a question, may a fan ask for a selfie and an autograph? Is it considered greedy or ill mannered to try for both? Just wondering.


    • I don’t know if it’s a matter of manners so much as one of time. It sounds from various things I’ve read that if you want a photo you need to have camera at the ready immediately. By the time that is done he might be moving forward. (This mirrors what I observed in London, btw.)


  4. Just some observations–it’s totally possible to sit in front row and still make it to stage door with plenty of time to spare. What you should do is not go up the center aisles–go along the side of the theater where there are ramps (on both sides) and it’s a much faster walk to the exit. Also, I bet the colder it gets, the less people will be at SD–Amy Ryan was doing SD tonight but she had guests backstage and wouldn’t be out for a while after the others and it was too cold for some of us to wait so we left (leaving about 4 people waiting for Amy). On average there are about 20 people or so at SD (at least at the performances I’ve attended). Tonight, the cast came out close together, but RA was later than the others. It was about a 15 minute wait.

    Also, I’ve seen him do both an autograph and selfie–just make sure you ask quickly and loudly so he hears you and have the camera ready (obviously this is easier if someone else can help with either photo or holding your pen/whatever you want signed). RA doesn’t always have a sharpie so try to bring one if you can–he or another cast member may need to borrow it.


  5. […] more or less followed DaphneHS’s suggestions, and while I didn’t get in line every single night, by doing so, I’d have had access to […]


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