I have mixed feelings

Mostly, I’d like Armitageworld to slow down.


~ by Servetus on October 24, 2016.

16 Responses to “I have mixed feelings”

  1. We now need time (at least it’s me who does!!) to digest all that what was offered us over the last 2-3 weeks. It appeared to be even more “material” than during the Hobbit rushs, but maybe it feels more overwhelming because he had 3 fairly different projects to promote.


    • objectively speaking I don’t think it was more — but there were more peak days — premieres, pormotion days — I think, because it was more than one project to promote, as you say. I’m not posting at the rate I did in December 2014 by a long shot but I am much tireder.


  2. I know I need a breather!


  3. It would be nice to have a couple of days to just catch up. Is there such a thing as RA overload? I don’t know. If there can’t be too much chocolate in my life, then how can there be too much RA?


  4. Presumably there will be a dry stretch after ❤️❤️❤️ ends?

    I agree, it feels a little like a merry-go-round that keeps accelerating. Something’s got to give!

    However, it would be nice to have some clues as to future projects (other than BS 2 if they don’t kill DM off).

    Other than that, I want the man to eat and sleep. Thinner, tired people look older faster. Fact. 😉


  5. i’m not so long follower, but what I see with Berlin Station, when mr.Armitage tells us about this serie, in his linnen costume, I think him so sad. In interview he looks so sad, if he had something in his personal live to deal with. When I saw the pictures from the Crucible and the photoos with premieres from the Hobbit I saw I strong proud man, but with inducing Berlin Station he looked so sad. With premier Berlin Station I saw again a little the man I saw with the Hobbit. Laughing, proud, and strong. I hope he’s going well, and take care of himselve. By the way I cannot get enough of him, because I think he is my kind of people, through his behaviour not only for his looks.


  6. I’m not so long a follower, but I found mr.Armitage so sad with the interview over Berlin Station. When he wear the light linnen suit. He looked so sad, if he had to deal something in personal life. When I saw pictures from crucible and the Hobbit, I saw strong and proud man, but with Berlin Station photos he was so ‘small’. I wanted to hold him and support him?! With premiere from Berlin Station I saw again a little bit the ‘old’ mr Armitage. Laughing, strong and proud. By the way I cannot get enough of him, not only for his looks but I think he is my kind of people through his behaviour. Same humor, same respect for fellowpeople, and work hard for ideals etc. I hope he is careful with his health and take care of himself, but I really like what he is doing with twitter etc.


  7. You’ve got my sympathy, because it’s a massive task you’re undertaking in keeping me(us) informed with all the details. So I DO understand when you write you like things to calm down somewhat. With all of this, I cannot thank you enough.
    However, I’m selfish. I don’t get to see <3<3<3 or wacth BS. This means I’m ‘hungry’; I enjoy clicking and reading all the exciting news. I remember the drought.
    This is so much more fun ❤


    • Maybe I’m sort of weird, in that in all this time I’ve never really felt like I was suffering from drought. Maybe I am a cactus.


      • A prickly cactus? I think not 🙂 There was a time when I was(we were) seriously worried if (all) the productions that RA was involved in would become available. Not much was happening at one point. Was it after ITS or TC?


  8. Second that.


  9. i’ve never really quite binged anyway, a bit slower now is even better. I don’t mind indulging in my own speed after the event. What stresses me out is material that is time limited and i have to see it before it disappears. If it keeps i’ll get to it 🙂


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