Armitage likes Tander


Heart and home might win through, though? Whatever. I really hope this is marketing language.

~ by Servetus on October 25, 2016.

31 Responses to “Armitage likes Tander”

  1. I have to admit with unconcealed reluctance😉that she is hot!


  2. “Heart and home” – strikes me as a little bit Paul Ryan-ish.


  3. Grrr – I wish I could watch!
    Enough with the moaning. I find Germans have a really under-rated sense of humour. I figure RA also discovered that.


  4. I’m of the mind that RA definitely has a crush on Ms. Tander. I think it’s cute. Wonder if the feeling is mutual. 🤔😏😍


  5. hm, not the way one would talk in RL i think, but i doubt heat and home could define the casual or not so casual relationship of 2 agents from competing agencies 🙂


    • I’m totally up for attraction and betrayal, but not really interested in a conventional love story. In some ways this show is already too emotional for me. But we’ll see.

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    • Haha! “Heart and home”, not “heat and home”! Freudscher Versprecher lässt grüßen! 😂

      Would be very surprised if this was a RL comment. Considering she is married with a kid and considering that RA seems quite introverted, I don’t see him declaring his crushes/feelings on Twitter.


  6. well, in a interview he said that one thing he would like to bring back home was Mina Tander… that’s quite telling,


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