Armitage likes Tander


Heart and home might win through, though? Whatever. I really hope this is marketing language.

~ by Servetus on October 25, 2016.

29 Responses to “Armitage likes Tander”

  1. I have to admit with unconcealed reluctance😉that she is hot!

  2. “Heart and home” – strikes me as a little bit Paul Ryan-ish.

  3. Grrr – I wish I could watch!
    Enough with the moaning. I find Germans have a really under-rated sense of humour. I figure RA also discovered that.

    • It’s hard to be that funny when you’re so serious, but Germans manage it. In a way, not unlike Armitage himself.

      • I’m so NOT good at interpreting these things: I do not know if he is talking about his own feelings for her in RL or his character’s towards her.


  4. I’m of the mind that RA definitely has a crush on Ms. Tander. I think it’s cute. Wonder if the feeling is mutual. 🤔😏😍

    • She’s married.

      • Na dann, Entwarnung???

        • well, it wouldn’t prevent her from having a crush. However …

          • … und ihn würde es davor wohl auch nicht bewahren.
            Oh je, ich hoffe für die beiden, dass sie nicht unglücklich verliebt sind, sondern sich einfach nur gerne mögen und eine gute Zeit miteinander hatten.
            Ja, ja, der Humor der Deutschen wird oft unterschätzt. Ich finde aber (voreingenommen wie ich bin…), dass recht ausgeprägt vorhanden ist und von der Art her sehr zu RA passt.

          • It wouln’t! 😃
            Contrary to popular believs married not half dead , partially blind and deaf!

      • With a kid.

        And I don’t actually think she’s that gorgeous. Lovely figure though.

  5. hm, not the way one would talk in RL i think, but i doubt heat and home could define the casual or not so casual relationship of 2 agents from competing agencies 🙂

    • I’m totally up for attraction and betrayal, but not really interested in a conventional love story. In some ways this show is already too emotional for me. But we’ll see.

    • Haha! “Heart and home”, not “heat and home”! Freudscher Versprecher lässt grüßen! 😂

      Would be very surprised if this was a RL comment. Considering she is married with a kid and considering that RA seems quite introverted, I don’t see him declaring his crushes/feelings on Twitter.

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