[spoilers] Richard Armitage in Berlin Station episode 5 clip

BERLIN STATION EP 105 Clip 4 Miller with Esther from EPIX on Vimeo.


~ by Servetus on October 25, 2016.

26 Responses to “[spoilers] Richard Armitage in Berlin Station episode 5 clip”

  1. Wow… Daniel! Dankeschön! This enamoured expression. Makes me weak in my knees. (Holla, die Waldfee!)


  2. Thank You for Vimeo sharing


  3. Oh, boy! fans herself


  4. For a split second there I wondered what on earth you were blogging about me for… 😉
    Niiiice tension between Daniel and Esther here!! Also kinda weird seeing these names together like that in Armitage-land as in ‘real life’ one of my brothers is named Daniel too.


    • This is a fantastic clip.

      It’s a bit odd that in this day and age they label these clips with the first names of the women and the last names of the men. I helpfully pointed this out to them over twitter. 🙂 But cool to have your name there.

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      • Yes, what is up with that?!?

        I also hate when people get married and the wives are then introduced as Mrs. Daniel Miller (for instance). Mr and Mrs Miller – that is fine, I can live with that. But Mrs Daniel Miller? Even my first name given up? I think not!


  5. Intriguing. But yeah, it was clear from episode 2 that Esther and Daniel were going to get it on ;-).
    On a different note – they have all sorts of clips for episodes 105 and 106 there. But where is 104???


  6. WOW! Those two looks he gives her when she hands him the drink! I felt that everywhere, and still do. It might be the most powerful look yet, and that’s saying a lot.


  7. oof! it’s hot! ..great chemestry! ..she’s very good! 🙂


  8. I’m confused. Episode 3 doesn’t air until Sunday, right? Why are they showing clips all the way to 5? Any clue?


    • No idea — and why on vimeo? It’s a serious backwater.

      I feel like their general marketing has been excellent — really blanketing their market. I had to stick around home with dad this morning and I saw ads on three different channels he was watching. Great initial press coverage, and lots of places to see it. In comparison, their social media have been haphazard at best. I wonder if they’re posting the stuff here to give general access to particular group — journalists maybe, who had 4 episodes but no more? It’s clearly for people who didn’t need to see that fourth episode and they are the only people I know of who got that access.


      • I’m putting a hold on it for now. Have to figure out watching next Episodes. Still dicking around about Sling TV. I don’t see the point of little bits of future episodes.


  9. I’m a bit confused about the marketing strategy of EPIX. Sure, I’m glad about every tiny little bit of something we probably won’t get to see in Germany for a long time, but why do they spread all the spoilers for episodes which are yet to come? IMO they should restrict themselves in order to maintain tension…
    However, I am not in the business, perhaps it’s common practice to tease as much as possible.
    Btw, did anybody notice the very dark eyebrows Armitage has in THIS scene? I saw it already in ep. 1 when he meets Hector for the first time and it disturbs me a little bit. Looks artificial.


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