See, Richard Armitage, it could be worse, or: Benedict Cumberbatch has accent issues

Has anyone seen the new Dr. Strange movie? I’m seeing all of these notes that Cumberbatch’s accent is all over the place. Someone on Twitter thinks it’s literally different from scene to scene. Polygon says “Oh, Benedict.” Forbes thinks he’s doing an impression of Hugh Laurie as House. The best comments I’ve seen are “unnatural” and “not as distracting as I thought it would be.”

~ by Servetus on October 26, 2016.

10 Responses to “See, Richard Armitage, it could be worse, or: Benedict Cumberbatch has accent issues”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Servetus. #noemoticon#


  2. What accent is Cumberbatch supposed to have?


  3. They didn’t like Hugh Laurie’s accent in House? I didn’t even know he was British until after I’d binge-watched several seasons!


  4. Yes, his accent was a little off in parts. However, still not as bad as Armitage’s. I’m not a fan of either Cumberbatch or Armitage so I can be way more objective than most people.
    I only watched Dr Strange because of Mads, who was excellent as usual 🙂


    • I think we should be clear that you are not objective when it comes to either Armitage or Cumberbatch. You have a different perspective, one of a non-fan; that does not make you objective. It just gives you a different set of assumptions to work with.


      • Fine, I’m a non fan. And as a non fan I am more objective. Certainly more than a fan who, more often than not, will overlook the flaws in the actor’s performances.


        • Nope. Neither of us is objective or “more objective.” In your case, for instance, you start out with fewer sympathies for these performers, but in evaluating their accents you have a non-objective perspective as you are not a native speaker of American English. I am, so I have a different perspective. Neither of us is objective in this case. This is simply a fact. Each of us has a point of view. There is no analysis or evaluation possible without point of view. As this is something students learn on about the third day of intro to philosophy and I assume you know it already, I won’t belabor it further.


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