Thorin Oakenshield enjoys a Stroopwafel

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-2-04-19-pmOne of my friends who survived the exodus from the jobs we had in 2010 left and found a job in — of all places — the Netherlands. She was in a nearby city in the U.S. recently to do research so I drove down to visit her. She was a different person — happier, more relaxed, calm, healthier in every way. Since her move she’s gotten tenure and found a partner, for whom her new job actually allows her enough time, and developed hobbies. She rides her bike everywhere she goes and has lost weight. Her blood pressure has fallen. Apart from a few things that bug her here and there, she totally loves the country. She’ll probably be a Dutch citizen in a few years.

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-2-19-32-pmShe brought me a little present and I decided to share with Thorin. It’s a rainy afternoon, the time of year when I switch my “normal” drink to tea. Perfect weather for a Stroopwafel. I haven’t had one in years.

A Stroopwafel is a cookie that has two extremely thin, wafer layers on the outside, which are made on a griddle. Between the wafers, one finds a similarly thin, syrupy center with a sort of caramel flavor. You can buy them fresh from the drug dealer baker, or you can buy a canister of them. These came from Gouda (where they were invented) and they are made “met echte roomboter,” or with pure cream butter.

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-2-23-53-pmI’ve only ever had a fresh one once or twice, but even in their export form, they are really addictive. Rumors exist that marriages have ended over them, and people have bankrupted themselves because they were unable to stop buying and eating them.

Thorin was excited to try one, but I was a little worried. The gold sickness is over but he does have an addictive personality and needs to be careful. He was challenged by the fact that he and the Stroopwafel are about the same height.

So I broke one down to size for him, seeing as how Orcrist appears to be stuck to his body. Happy Stroopwafel-ing, everyone!


~ by Servetus on October 26, 2016.

15 Responses to “Thorin Oakenshield enjoys a Stroopwafel”

  1. Yum! I enjoy them by laying them over my teacup and get the syrup a bit warm


    • ooh! Great idea for tomorrow!

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    • Thanks for the tip! My son in law introduced me to them some years ago (his parents are from the Netherlands) and I bought another packet recently. Lots of Dutch people – including farmers – in this area so we see quite a variety of their foodstuff. I’ll be sure to share one with the tiny Thorin who stands on my desk (from the Movie Theatre when I saw the first Hobbit movie) Orcrist raised above his head, now that I know he likes them 😉

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  2. Stroopwafels – yumm! Although I admit to liking chocolate chip cookies even more than strropwafels. 🙂 Glad Thorin enjoyed them!
    When I was at The Old Vic stage door I gave the ‘real’ Thorin some stroopwafels as well in a nice delftware pot, I wonder if he enjoyed them too or if he gave them away.
    I think you should visit your happy friend in The Netherlands some time and then come and visit me as well, while you’re at it…. Did she acually buy her stroopwafels in Gouda? If so, then I suspect she doesn’t live far away from where I live. 🙂


    • She actually suggested I apply for a job at her university! Now if I could only get dad to come along. Although the place she lives is much more pedestrian friendly than the last place I lived in the US …. I doubt she bought them in Gouda; she doesn’t live especially close. But the bakery that made them is in Gouda.

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  3. Every area, here, has it’s specialities. For instance ‘s Hertogenbosch also a city in the Netherlands has ‘Bosse bollen’. It’s cake with whipped cream surrounding with choclate. It taste fantastic. Maybe you can ask your friend, taken them the following time. Not good for your bodyshape, but taste good.

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    • the best thing about Europe — the neat little things everywhere.


    • True Gerrie, those are very delicious too!
      And there is a big taste difference between the ones from the supermarket (Albert Heijn) and the real ones from ‘s Hertogenbosch itself.
      So I would recommend to visit that city next time or stop by a local bakery there when you are on your way from Amsterdam Schiphol to Belgium for example for the Belgian chocolate.
      Oh it’s all so close…not even 300km apart all those little specialities from the cities.


  4. Oh they are very delicious! I bought a lot of them when I visited Esther 🙂


    • I think the last time I had one I was in the Netherlands …. hmmm. Must be at least ten years ago. Such a great place.


  5. Ahh, nice , especially with tea. But too sweet for my taste 🙂


  6. Schrecklich lecker! Die kenne ich aus dem Supermarkt, wusste aber nicht, dass sie holländischen Ursprungs sind. Musste ich erst über einen amerikanischen Blogbeitrag erfahren. Die Wege des Herrn sind unergründlich 😂


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