Totally frivolous, but …

When Ingrid asks Daniel to meet her in Wannsee:


It makes me think of this song:


Evil, evil earworm. Of course, there’s that other association with Wannsee. Not sure where they will be, as there is no Wertheimer Str. in Wannsee. Though the name Wertheim naturally raises its own series of Berlin associations. That’s the thing about Germany in general and Berlin in particular — so many historical associations everywhere. Dizzying.

~ by Servetus on October 26, 2016.

7 Responses to “Totally frivolous, but …”

  1. No Badewetter at the moment but a great earworm nevertheless 🙂


    • yeah, “nix wie raus nach Wannsee” is probably over until Spring.

      When you think about the fact that this is essentially a Cold War song, it makes it seem even cheerier.


  2. I visited the Wannsee only one time (centuries ago!) and I got the most painful sunburn of my life 😬


  3. Odd deja vu…. finding her here on your site. Knowing Cornelia Froebess for a long time, because she played for years in the theatre were I work. 😉 This song is such a fifties thing!!!


    • wow, she’s an icon!

      It is so iconically 1950s that when I taught modern German history I played this song and discussed it in class.


  4. […] Daniel’s reading the file on Lucas Becker, the East German his mother was involved with (who had a doctorate in economics from the University of Erfurt), and he sees a picture of the burnt-out car where she died (“terrorist bombing”). For some reason (?) the entire original file is written in English (plausibility problem #2, but a minor one and I know why they did this). Cut to an antsy Ingrid on her sofa, who decides to bait the CIA by typing an invitation to a meeting in Wannsee and seeing if there’s a response. Of course, Daniel sees it on his screen. As I’ve noted before , the street she specifies doesn’t exist in Wannsee. […]


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