me + the Berlin Station spoilers #richardarmitage

You may know that well meaning fans of Richard Armitage posted a link to the solution to the Thomas Shaw puzzle aspect of Berlin Station on Twitter last night.

This will probably mean that I stay off Twitter for quite a while. For the first time in Armitage history, I’m able to watch episodes of something as they drop and I’m enjoying the experience and I don’t care to have it spoiled. I don’t know how this will affect the nightly posts of Love, Love, Love stage door things because honestly, I find many of them in the #richardarmitage live tag.

I am going to be off the computer for much of the day because I am having system problems and need to fix them — this doesn’t happen to the Mac user often but when it does the resolution can be unpredictable. Anyway, I will be thinking about what to do. If you have suggestions feel free to post them.

~ by Servetus on October 27, 2016.

16 Responses to “me + the Berlin Station spoilers #richardarmitage”

  1. I really don’t get why people do something like that, but at least it was only a link so I assume your experience hasn’t been ruined yet.

    With regard to other things on twitter, in particular LLL: I hope you’ll find a solution that will allow you to still post about those things on twitter. I really enjoy what you post with regard to stage door photos, videos etc., and not being a member on any social media websites I’d miss out on those without you. But I can understand if this doesn’t work out for you.


    • Yeah, it was only a link, but inevitably people will be talking about it … not that long ago, people knew that you talked about spoilers only in specifically designed areas for that. But Twitter breaks all the rules, of course — that is what it is about.

      I can probably still pick up some of it via the #lllplay tag, anyway. I can still use all the other tags I was using, just probably not the #richardarmitage one …


      • I think you should be able to pick up most of the play related tweets at #LLLPLAY. That way there shouldn’t be any chance of BS spoilers. I still don’t think Epix would have purposely put that info out. I think it was a mistake, or someone did it maliciously. I wish I had not seen it, but I don’t feel like I learned anything new, really. Whatever you decide is best for you, but hopefully you can still do the live tweets safely.


        • If you want Armitage pictures you pretty much have to look in the Armitage tag. Most don’t make it into the LLLPlay tag. I can also wait though and see if / what the FB group picks up. Tonight I was lucky that I knew someone who was there.


  2. Again I think my unknowledge from English language completely seems very good now. When I read your post,I understand I miss something. I think it’s a pity when you will not comment your posts anymore for some time, because I enjoy it very much. I cannot see the serie yet, but the live tweeting is superb, so I hope you will be back as soon as possible.


    • I’ll still be here, I’ll just have to make selective use of Twitter. I can read Armitage’s tweets, for instance, without seeing anything I don’t want to see.


  3. Thanks for the tip. Glad I missed that. I’m with you on watching the episodes as they come out. Just last night ( before this, I guess) I decided to stop looking for anything Berlin Station related, mainly because they were already showing clips for episode 5 ( managed not to see clips from any other episode except one from Episode 3). But in general, I did notice many fans on Twitter offering opinions on what they thought was actually going on, and what clues to look at. I agree – well meaning, and they were trying to start a discussion, but I began to see the danger for myself. I noticed something similar, but less spoilerish for LLL – where some fans were dissecting small vignettes, partial scenes from the play which they had already seen, and editorializing. I think on a blog this if fine, because spoiler alerts are given, so one can decide not to read quite yet – but I think I’d rather enjoy the play for myself. I don’t think having read it before hand would ruin the experience, unless plot is very important to a viewer. So – whew – thanks Hoe you work out your Mac issues.


    • The only advance vimeo scenes I’ve watched so far are the ones to do with Daniel Miller, basically because I really don’t want to be guessing about the plot ahead of time. (You’d think the WWRD crowd would crack down on this just b/c Armitage was so negative about spoilers back in the day — or maybe they don’t remember that anymore). I don’t have an issue with people discussing plot points from episodes that are already broadcast. It gave me a taste of how so many of the non-US fans must feel. I don’t want it ruined for me.

      My issues are about the play — I like to form my own opinions and while I’m interested in what others have to say at this point I know as much as I want to know before seeing it myself. Reading the play ahead of time — well, that’s just a habit, something I’ve always done, I suppose because we had to do it in high school, but I do think it makes it easier to evaluate a play. Also, I think the professional reviewers (the ones who aren’t offering plot summaries) actually do a pretty good job of not giving away the game. But in terms of the interpretation of particular scenes or lines from the play: that’s the entire enjoyment of the experience for me, that kind of analysis, that is the sort of thing I like to think and write about, and I just don’t want to see much more detail before I see it myself.

      And yes, as you say, if you’re reading here you know what you’re getting into. You’re not just idly scanning your notifications and discovering that there is no Santa Claus or whatever.

      Laptop needs new video card. 3 days minimum. Life in the provinces. Argh.


      • Just wrote a comment on a different post addressing some of the LLL reviewers as well. Practically the entire plot given away. As far as reading a play – I am sometimes the same. I sued to see too many and scripts weren’t that available – but if it was a revival or something of substance I would read it, or reread it again, i.e. Hedda Gabler, Chekov,Shakespeare It’s fun to see the transition from page to stage and takes nothing away from the enjoyment. Some plays, had I read before hand, I might have tossed the ticket.


        • Yes on all the ‘reviews’ about the play. Apart from some newspaper ones, which are from lifetime professional critics, they morph very much into a retelling of the play with all details. Which i find quite boring. I find professional critics tend to be very good at presenting an opinion about play, staging, acting without giving the details away. But i’ve learned to read selectively through them and ignore when they go into plot and other such details and just go for the bits about staging, acting, general commentary which just give me a sense of their pov without spoiling my own experience. I’ll leave the detailed dissection mostly to after i’ve seen it, if at all possible.
          If the play is really good i find they don’t matter anyway as i don’t ever think about anything i read before while i am watching. If it’s good it will be engrossing. 🙂


      • Please – two days to get an Apple power cord. I know that life in the provinces scene.


      • The main reason I read the play was so I won’t miss something if I get too caught up in Richard. I’m fairly certain that will happen, so I’ll still know just what’s happening.


    • Sorry: my issues about the play are similar.

      I think that the vast majority of tweets about the play are not especially problematic for me. Most tweeps are no commenting in depth, with the exception of one or two, and when I see their avatars I can just skip them.


  4. Fortunately, I’m not terribly proficient in the Twitter way – I don’t know what a ‘live tag’ is, for example.
    However, I completely understand your point. It would be similar to reading the ending of a book as a first. No wonder it’s called a ‘spoiler’.
    I think you know by now that I’m grateful for any little snippet you choose to submit here on RA-related goings on which I’m unable to follow myself.
    I hope your computer gets fixed soon.


  5. I totally understand that and this is how i felt throughout the entire Hannibal run. It was either not go anywhere on the internet and don’t read anything or be inevitably and relentlessly spoiled. Even with most avoidance and delay tactics i was still inevitably spoiled.
    At least for the moment we don’t get accounts of each episode of BSt the very next day everywhere, but i am sure they will come pretty soon once the normal tx schedule starts, ie this Sunday.
    I think they made a small mistake with the ep 5 and 6 videos anyway, one in 6 inadvertently gave away the resolution of the dilemma from the 5th ep. Silly really. They should really only release the ones for the next episode.

    I innocently thought they released these because they were spoiler free, and in most cases they are i think, but still. I think especially this genre and with it not being an episode plot but a series arch enjoyment is enhanced by knowing as little as possible. I want to let it work on me as it is, step by step, there is much enjoyment to be had by peeling the layers gradually. I want to see if there are slight chances with the different directors and so on. But in order to have that you have to go into a sort of voluntary isolation. Sigh.
    It’s a situation i’m gradually adjusting to and i don’t have this problem with anything else, i’ve always been able to sink 1-1 into a series just like with a book.


    • I think what’s bugging me is this — the only tv show that I ahve really followed with anywhere near as much interest as this one in my adult life is ER. There were always spoilers available for ER — but they were segregated on a particular part of the web. If I didn’t want to go there, I didn’t go there. Now, because of web 2.0 or 3.0 or wherever we are now, they can’t be avoided.


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