Review of #LLLPlay: Richard “Armitage and Ryan the perfect ying [sic] and yang”

Theater Pizzazz. Although I thought yin was the female part.

~ by Servetus on October 27, 2016.

4 Responses to “Review of #LLLPlay: Richard “Armitage and Ryan the perfect ying [sic] and yang””

  1. I’ve read the play, but I still think a lot of these reviewers are giving too much information for the general public. ( Same is true of the link you gave earlier, Lighting and Sound) And what play did he see – where he says they’re living in an apartment in Act 2, have somehow amazingly morphed into adults, and Jamie is 16 but Rose is 14?


    • These last few have all been theater insider reviews — where you kind of thing that many of the people reading it won’t see the play b/c they are in NYC, i.e., different audiences. This last one was weird, though, I agree.


  2. One even said it was a commentary on America. Did he not realize they were in England?


    • I don’t think the fact that the play was written about England excludes it from also being a commentary about America. It depends on a number of things, of course. But performances of Antigone in Vichy France were commonly understood as commentaries on the occupation government.


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