Ouch: NPR Berlin reviews Berlin Station #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on October 28, 2016.

10 Responses to “Ouch: NPR Berlin reviews Berlin Station #richardarmitage”

  1. I’m just mad I can’t watch it! Sounds like it could be excellent but needs some work. Which was the opposite way I felt re London Spy. Its first couple of episodes were among the most exquisite hours of television I’ve had the privilege to watch. The second half not so good. Hopefully BS will start off slow but improve.


  2. Well, that was fairly brutal. But they give it a chance to improve.
    What?! Not impressed by brow creasing and jaw flexing?! But…the crinkles are world-renown!!
    This show somehow landed on my husband’s radar. The first time he’s ever suggested watching something with Richard in it. I may actually watch this one — I have a watching partner!


  3. Hurts a little cuz she’s not enirely wrong.


  4. It’s a negative review, yet I like this kind of review. It tells you enough about the series so you understand the rest of the review, and then it gives some concrete criticism – and a few good things to say as well. I think there’s some merit to part of the criticism – I wish I knew how many episodes the reviewer saw, though. All along, I’ve been hoping that Daniel Shaw gets better, but review of Armitage is definitely ouch. Surprising ( or not?) that the Berlin NPR reviewer did not mention Berlin in the same way the American press has.


    • I think if you’re in Berlin, you’re accustomed to seeing / thinking about depictions of Berlin; it doesn’t strike you in the same way as if you’re unfamiliar.

      I feel like we’re starting to get enough info about Daniel to like him a little more. The Chechnya scenes helped a lot.


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