Richard Armitage in Love, Love, Love sneakers

A wonderful tribute to #lllplay from a Chicago well wisher. Now everyone in the cast wants them (I'm guessing not with my face!)

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~ by Servetus on October 28, 2016.

19 Responses to “Richard Armitage in Love, Love, Love sneakers”

  1. And sporting his new Act 1 hair! ❤

  2. Brilliant idea. And the right shoe size?

    • I’m guessing everyone knows his shoe size since the Hannibal boots were auctioned off.

      • I don’t 😉

        But the chucks are pretty cool! Great gift.

        • Well, you’re a fan,but you haven’t shown any signs of being a superfan (yet; as far as I know). Someone who went to the trouble to make those shoes would know where to get that information, too.

          • Very true. Don’t think I’m capable of being a superfan of anything/anyone tbh. But I do enjoy a good performerance and dedication to ones craft.

            (I’d rather spent that kinda dough on my own shoes – he can afford buying his own customised chucks 😉 )

      • Oh, I never even knew that. Interesting.

  3. I really appreciate something that looks like it could be a “real” smile. We don’t get that often.

  4. I love the add on from Zoe, that they’re her legs and feet. That makes it so much funnier.

  5. Hummm… big shoes … big feet …

  6. These are GREAT. Love them ❤
    What an amazing idea 🙂 So, this is drawn free-hand on the sneakers? Wauw!

  7. absolutely brilliant! love them 🙂 And so wonderful to see him to chuffed about them 🙂

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