Some Love, Love, Love tweets 10/27 #richardarmitage

[Might be able to use the #richardarmitage live tag — apart from one spate that I skimmed over, nothing was open. Still really pisses me off. I will add to these if I notice more relevant stuff.]
















@Ella_4619 Suicide attempts, neglectful parents, broken families, a list generation. I find none of these remotely funny. But they laughed.

— Lily (@lily_218) October 28, 2016






And here are some older stragglers:


~ by Servetus on October 28, 2016.

20 Responses to “Some Love, Love, Love tweets 10/27 #richardarmitage”


    Sorry to post something unrelated but the above is an interesting article on BC not wanting to join social media.

    Unlike RA, who used to be a Luddite but has fully embraced social media, BC continues to stay away.

    Found it interesting that the two actors (who both trained at LAMDA at the same time and who have a global fan base) went polar opposites with respect to engaging via social media.

    What made RA change his mind? BS promo clearly requires a social media presence (v aggressive marketing!), but RA had joined Twitter prior to BS. Why? Did his agent recommend it? Did he think he needed to “get with the times”?

    His somewhat erratic Tweeting behaviour and content sometimes makes me wonder whether he should have stayed off social media. I bet most of you don’t agree and are loving the Tweet-avalanche! 😝 Anyway, just thought this was interesting and wanted to share it.

    • I think the consensus of how fans read this in Armitage’s case lies between “he was advised to do so by his agent / marketing” and “he was somehow required to do it for the Hobbit.”

      I think fan opinions are very split as regards his social media present. I am not a fan; there are also at least a few other superfans around who wish he would quit; however, as it’s not a popular opinion and we have no chance of actually influencing what he does, most of us keep quiet about it 🙂

  2. OK, so I just saw the Instagram. Am smitten with utter sneaker happiness, adorkable hair, and super cute boyish smile. Ahhhh! Thank you, RA, for joining social media! And there I go, completely undermining my previous post…😝

    Great timing, RA! 😜😝😂

    • Wow. Yeah. He’s cute, but that was seriously ill advised.

      • Hm. Yes. Hate to agree with you but I do agree. Hope the fall-out won’t be too great.

        • So far, the good mood is holding … I hope that continues to be the case.

          This is one of my many issues with his social media, frankly. He says something — but the rest of us live with the consequences. Much more so than he does. All of the political tweeting is a good example of this. There was very little political discussion in 4/5 of the Armitage social media until he started talking about it. It’s his right, and I am not opposed, and even interested in whathe thinks, but he apparently decided that a world that had been largely absent of such stuff should include it. Then he didn’t ever really interact to say what he meant — meanwhile storms had been set off within the fandom, which for a lot of people was a “happy place” that was purposely empty of that stuff.

          I am very politically engaged, but I am also choosy about with whom I have frank political discussions. In my RL social media, I would never argue with strangers about politics — too stressful and upsetting. But his social media choices set up a world in which I am regularly forced to remind myself that I would not be talking politics with 99% of these people IRL ever and taht I have good reasons for that decision.

          • If I were RA’s PR advisor, his Twitter account would keep me awake at night and not in a good way!!

            My main issues: wayyyy to much promo, tweeting and deleting, and of course his political tweets. I understand that he was talked into using social media but did he really try to push back? Was promo on social media a real deal breaker for TH and BS? I do wish he had stood up for his earlier conviction of not being on social media. I know this sounds very harsh but I do sometimes feel he sacrificed some of his convictions for Hollywood success. Harsh, I know.
            In any case, it would have been better if he kept it fluffy and light. His tweeting behaviour is a great example of how NOT to engage with social media.

            • Six months before he did it he was interviewed and he said that his “team was looking at it.” So I am assuming the decision fell sometime between February and August 2014. He was required to promote for TH, but he did two years without Twitter. Still, I assumed it played a role. That had also been a time without big roles (2013) or much happening, so maybe someone thought it would ehlp.

              I personally am not that interested in light. I’m trying to avoid throwing up right now — without casting aspersions on the 95% of people who love them, I despise animal videos. To me, they are a resource heavy scourge of the Internet and I am sorry I ever clicked on one. I would be interested in thoughtful, though.

              • Thanks for providing that background information, appreciated.

                Haha, yeah, the bunny and kitten vids/GIFs are a waste of space. And Snoopylover instantly makes enemies online. 😝😉

                Fluffy and light is shallow but safe. That’s how I see it.

                • I suppose. It’s totally uninteresting, though.

                  As enraging as some of his tweets are they at least give me something to think about. One of my many objections to CyberSmile is that the “positivity” message is, to me, sickening (again, if I want that I can find that in RL w/o any problem at all). I am not a fan of the unrelenting “cheer up” messages either.

                  • Hmm, yes, but I don’t think I would look for “meaningful” in a celeb Twitter account. If it turns out to be meaningful, then that’s a lovely surprise.

                    • (a) I didn’t say meaningful, I said thoughtful. Two different things that may or may not overlap (I would say that my blog is a thoughtful work about a trivial topic that may have moments of meaningfulness) and

                      (b) there are celeb twitters that have thoughtful posts. And pictures and so on. I think this is where his problems with social media get him — if you want to say thoughtful things you have to be willing to give away information about the casual, and that has never been his style. As someone said to me recently, he’s not private; he’s secretive.

                    • Yes, you did say thoughtful. Was distracted while writing my post. Busted! 😝

                      The “secretive” aspect is intriguing! Have to mull over that. Time for dinner now. Bye x

            • I also want to make clear — if he wants to tweet about politics he should. Opinions are split in the PR world about whether celebs should do political tweets and I can understand that. That’s not my issue at all. My issue is that the fandom should belong to the fans. He crossed that line, and has broken many of our informal rules and unspoken consensus, and that’s what bugs me, because I don’t think he had the right to do that, really.

              • I’m sorry but because I’m v new to all this I’m unaware of the unspoken rules and consensus and how he broke them. Could you v briefly elaborate if it’s not too much hassle? I’m curious!!

                • Well, one would be the sort of habit about not speaking too much abuot politics. People didn’t really talk about politics. No one made that rule, but there was very little open political discussion in fandom circles (with the exception of one blogger who is extremely political and puts it in almost all of her posts — and I suppose you could say that most of the tumblr people had a fairly explicit political position that they didn’t want questioned). Now I regularly see political discussion going on on FB, Twitter and tumblr.

  3. Présents à cette représentation du jeudi soir, nos deux grands ados de 19 et 17 ans (et nous leurs parents) ont beaucoup ri. Nous nous sommes reconnus dans cette caricature familiale, même dans les gros mots, mais pas dans les abus d’alcool et de tabac.
    Mon fils a décidé d’acheter le livre pour poursuivre sa réflexion sur le sujet.
    Ma fille exposera, en cours d’anglais, ses vacances à NY, avec quelques remarques sur cette pièce de théâtre, qualifiable de “drama” en anglais ( précision collectée, in situ, auprès du très aimable et disponible bénévole, qui nous a placé à la mezzanine). Comme quoi, la fan attitude d’une mère peut embarquer, toute une famille, également dans un voyage spirituel commun inattendu.
    Personnellement j’ai adoré le jeu d’acteur, les déplacements, les contorsions de R Armitage au premier acte. Tous les acteurs nous ont fasciné par leur sens du jeu, leur maturité malgré leur jeunesse.
    La moyenne d’âge élevée des spectateurs, nous a surprise (milieu de semaine, jour de travail?)
    Mais trop de pluie ce soir là et aucune envie de m’attarder pour un selfie ou une signature, ce n’est pas mon style.
    Ma fille m’a quand même fait marcher, en me disant que Richard et ses gardes du corps se trouvaient dans le pub, où nous nous réchauffions avec du chocolat et du café, en attendant d’assister au spectacle. Naturellement je me suis ridiculisée, en le cherchant du regard.
    Des vacances inoubliables, je ne regrette pas le Japon, où nous aurions dû aller.

    • So neat that you went! I agree, there’s something very recognizable in that family dynamic (the absurdity notwithstanding). I’m impressed that your kids can follow that play in English — the speech is so rapid-fire.

      • Tout le monde connaît les jurons, gros mots, insultes anglaises. Le comique de situation, les gestes exagérés ou les quiproquos ( découpe du gâteau, remplissage des verres d’alcool, l’allure déjantée du fils, les excentricités de la mère) n’ont pas besoin de traduction. Mon fils a été le plus performant pour la compréhension. Il se prépare à rentrer dans une école d’ingénieur scientifique et il fait, par ailleurs, beaucoup de traductions de films pour enfants, du japonais au français , avec vérification en anglais. Mais je concède que les dialogues rapides, les réponses du tac au tac restent incomprises dans leur totalité, pour chacun d’entre nous… Ma fille préfère la langue allemande, c’était dur pour elle, nous lui racontions aux entractes, ce qu’elle n’avait pas compris. Merci pour votre blog qui me fait progresser en anglais.

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