Forbes gushes for Richard Armitage in #LLLPlay (and sales)


~ by Servetus on November 2, 2016.

8 Responses to “Forbes gushes for Richard Armitage in #LLLPlay (and sales)”

  1. Re: sales, I talked with one of their customer service reps recently about how likely would it be for more seats to be released for some of the December shows and she said that the ticket sales were really good for the entire run so she couldn’t predict that there were would be better seats to be had if I chose to wait.


    • Just from what I’ve seen on their website, they are mostly 90 percent sold for evening shows. Obviously they have stuff that isn’t released, but even when you look at their releases 48 hours in advance, they are doing really well. I don’t know what their normal advance sales are but they look good. As a comparison, Crucible didn’t sell out in advance of evening until a month before it closed.


      • Between the solid critical reception and good box office, I hope this bodes well for more plays on/off Broadway and a long relationship with the Roundabout!


        • Seriously. Admittedly not having had the experience itself yet, I am still really positive about every piece of it up till now. I like the plays the theater does, I like how they deal with patrons, I like where it’s located …. LOL. I am in a very good mood w/r/t to this one, so I hope they live up to it 🙂


        • I really want to see him continue his relationship with Roundabout. It seems like a great fit for him. An operation interested in the highest quality of people they can get, both on and off stage, and theater employees who seem genuinely helpful. It couldn’t have been a better first NYC experience for him, or the fans.


  2. Funny… Reading your title I thought Michelle Forbes was gushing over Richard Armitage! Took me a minute in the article to realize my mistake!


  3. I bought tickets on Sunday morning, I think. I got front row center for one, and row E side orchestra, so really 3rd row for the other. Not a tremendous number of seats, but still certainly good seats available.


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