David Hewson gets to listen to Richard Armitage already now!


~ by Servetus on November 3, 2016.

6 Responses to “David Hewson gets to listen to Richard Armitage already now!”

  1. Very jelly of Hewson. Just listening to Hamlet. Loving it. RA truly keeps his audience spellbound. The first ten minutes I had to keep looping back to the beginning as I was so distracted by his voice (squee!) but now I’m fully immersed in the storyline. Can’t wait for December 6th. My “Nikolaustag”-pressie to myself. Might download the file onto my mobile and stick it into my 👢 with a few walnuts and 🍊🍏🍊 and then act all surprised and excited! 🎅 😂😝😂


  2. Oh, and Hewson is SUCH a tease! 😉


  3. Da freu ich mich aber und weiß schon, was ich mir selbst zum Nikolaus gönnen werde. Ich liebe es einfach, wenn RA Bücher zum Leben erweckt. Er macht das unvergleichlich – schlichtweg wunderbar. ❤


  4. Sounds Fun, I’ve never really gotten into this story, but maybe hearing it narrated might help me enjoy it.


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