Review of #LLLPlay: Ouch. #richardarmitage

Long Island Herald. Is the reviewer talking about Richard Armitage or Kenneth?

~ by Servetus on November 5, 2016.

10 Responses to “Review of #LLLPlay: Ouch. #richardarmitage”

  1. The reviewer couldn’t even find one teeny tiny thing positive to say about any aspect of the play? I can’t take a review seriously if they dislike everyone in the play when it appears most other reviewers had quite a few positives to write about. The reviewer could have said the sets were nice. Or costuming…or something.


  2. I pray she’s talking about Kenneth.


  3. Leaden is completely inconsistent with every other description we’ve read of him … so who knows.


  4. I don’t feel she distinguished the acting from the characters, or the play as a whole from the plot, across the board. It’s as if she didn’t like the characters & what happened – so she didn’t like the play. This wasn’t written in a very professional manner, basically. As I read it, anyway. No one is claiming these characters are sweet people. It’s as if she missed the point.


  5. It seemed to me that the reviewer didn’t like the play. While I agree to some extent that the characters are not likable, I believe that is one of the points of the play.


  6. I don’t know if I would trust anyone who reviewed a play so negatively that there was not one thing nice to say about anything or anyone.


  7. Thank you but no, Servetus.


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