Love, Love, Love tweets 11/6 matinee

Richard Armitage did not greet fans at the stage door this afternoon. However, Amy Ryan was there which really pleased a lot of people. Here are a few miscellaneous tweets that have appeared since last night, though.


~ by Servetus on November 7, 2016.

12 Responses to “Love, Love, Love tweets 11/6 matinee”

  1. i wonder why he didn’t do a greeting?


    • No reason was stated to us. He hasn’t consistently done the Sunday matine — I think he’s missed one or two.


    • I was wondering if the greeting you are talking about was before the matinee or after, because i think if it was after the matinee, maybe Mr. Richard Armitage wanted to go straight home and have a long, hot shower, something to eat, then maybe take a nap before he had to do that live tweet for Berlin Station or maybe Mr. Richard Armitage had an appointment to go to.


  2. Is there any chance that the tall guy at the center back of the photo Benedict Cumberbatch “flying under the radar” to see Richard while in do Saturday Night Live? Am I crazy to see that resemblance?


    • I doubt it. This is a photo from Saturday night at abuut 9:30 p.m. Anyone who was hosting a live tv show at midnight would be sane to be in the theater at 7:30 IMO.

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    • I also can’t imagine that anyone of Cumberbatch’s stature would stand at a stage door. He could easily go backstage.

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  3. What if he had to rush home to tweet?


    • It’s possible. It would take him about 20 min to get home from here, and he had a solid three hours to travel. I’m not expressing displeasure by the way, just noting that it was the case that he did not appear. (Potentially useful information to fans who are planning future journeys.)


      • I know this was service information😉Also, AFAIK, no SD appearances for matinees in London.


        • Different situation — as London matinees were always followed by London evening shows. He has done SD at some NY matinees, at least two that I recall, on Sunday, probably b/c there is no evening show 🙂


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