ICYMI: A few more #LLLPlay tweets from over the weekend #richardarmitage

I should be able to go back to chronology after this. My historian heart is grieving … 🙂


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun❗️#lovelovelove #AmyRyan #RichardArmitage #NYC #roundabouttheatre

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~ by Servetus on November 8, 2016.

7 Responses to “ICYMI: A few more #LLLPlay tweets from over the weekend #richardarmitage”

  1. Chronology, yes, please 🙂
    After all, I’m dying to know when he wore the checkered shirt (my favourite), the fancy winter boots, the pea coat, and when he didn’t do SD. I wonder if the latter had anything to do with the NYC marathon? 😉
    Lovely of you to still keep us up to date on this. Thank you ❤

    • re: NYC marathon, there’s a lot of speculation about that at the usual place, but I try to stick to evidence-based discussions 🙂

      • My mistake. The NYC marathon was on the 6th, and I wouldn’t put it past him to have run if he had had the time.

        • He wanted to do London (it said in one interview a long time ago). But I don’t think it’s possible if you only have one day free. You need a day to run the thing and a day to recover (or most people do. Obviously, ultra marathoners excepted).

          • You know, if I were living in either city, and I were sufficiently fit, I would give it a go.
            As you write, one day is not sufficient. You have to be on a certain diet, then run, and finally recuperate, which can take more than a day even if you’re ultra fit.

  2. i really enjoyed the photos but i loved that video by mimicruz, when the people are walking out the door and i guess they were talking when they were coming out the door (that lady then Mr. Richard Armitage) and then you see her blow Mr. Richard Armitage a kiss and he does one of those adorable double take looks, then Mr. Richard Armitage blows a kiss back at her. it was so adorable.

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