Roundabout Theater blog interview with Richard Armitage

Lots to mine here. I’ll limit myself for the minute to laughing that my theory about why he picked up flute was correct. (Developed because I spent six months carrying a bassoon a school bus myself.) And apparently he’s been to Scranton.

~ by Servetus on November 9, 2016.

15 Responses to “Roundabout Theater blog interview with Richard Armitage”

  1. Thank you very much for the link. That’s a really interesting interview in many ways, for example with regard to current politics. He is a bit too optimistic about Germany, though, at least in my opinion.


    • I know, right? 14 AfD representatives in the Berlin legislature? I think he hasn’t paid much attention to German politics.


      • The Berlin election had only been in September 2016.


        • yeah, so he wasn’t paying attention, as he gave this interview afterwards. It’s okay, I understand why he said it, and I also understand that the average person doesn’t usually pay attention to areas of politics that don’t directly affect them, but it’s a romanticization of the situation (that also precedes the refugee wave).


  2. That was an interesting read. I wonder which character Richard himself most identifies with.
    It’s funny – I am technically a Baby Boomer (by virtue of when I was born), but I’ve always identified more with the Gen-X’ers.


  3. I’m happy they posted a transcript of the post-show chat. I liked listening to him in the video that was recorded and posted to YouTube, but re-reading in my own time is a pleasure!


  4. I think it is interesting that he refers to Britain as home, nothing wrong with that, it’s just that I refer to Britian as home not Germany. Maybe there is something wrong with me after all 🤔


    • I think it’s interesting that if you ask a German “Wo kommen Sie her?” the answer to that question is typically where they were born.


    • Like, I don’t think of myself as “from” Hawaii even though I was born there.


      • I get that question all the time, because more often than not people can’t place my accent. So, I tend to explain my journey. And that for me, although I grew up in Germany, I took on parts from all countries/cultures I’ve lived in and Britain being more influential than others at the moment. maybe that is why I take this contageous ‘building walls’ mentality especially hard. I have no particular desire to return to Germany, but at one point politics might give me no other choice but force my hand. That is a grim thought. And one I still can’t quite comprehend.


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