So, thoughts still roiling and Richard Armitage isn’t helping

I’d wanted to be halfway through what I had to say about Love, Love, Love and Richard Armitage by now, but the election and Armitage’s statements about it are really in the way right now (apart from the stuff that is going on in real life).

This is the problem — Richard Armitage on stage opens my heart.

Richard Armitage, when he says stuff like this, closes it.


Love wins in the end is such a nonsensical statement that I can’t even think where to begin with it. It’s ridiculous to quote a statement that Sandra makes in order to get Kenneth to sleep with her as evidence of some lofty life philosophy. She tries to make it sound like some actual philosophical attitude but really it’s just a come-on line, in the play, as in the 1960s. (Sorry, on this one, the baby boomers were wrong. You may not like missiles and the Russians but someone has to deal with them — as Mr. Thornton, mutatis mutandis, knew quite well: someone has to live with the machines.)

So the writing about Armitage’s work will have to wait until I can somehow erase what he’s said from my thoughts for a while. Because that statement makes me want to vomit and I’m spending all my time swallowing my gorge rather than writing.

I’m sticking with the general project but it might be a day or two.

~ by Servetus on November 10, 2016.

26 Responses to “So, thoughts still roiling and Richard Armitage isn’t helping”

  1. Serv I feel you ❤️.

  2. I suppose we are all looking for some rainbows, but I agree that quoting Sandra of all people is pretty ridiculous.

    My rainbows for today were the snippets of conversations I heard among the college students while walking across the campus where I work. They were saying thoughtful things about democracy, how they are coping and how they are trying to understand rather than blame the people who voted for Trump. I did hear someone complain about the electoral college, but it was posed more as a philosophical point rather than a rant. I cannot recall ever hearing such serious conversations before today — usually more about classes, tests, social life, family life, etc.

    I do think that this election and its aftermath will engage millennials in the governing of this country like nothing else could. I have some faith in their values and their notion of standing up for justice.

    • I hope you’re correct — except that as far as I’ve heard, millenials were nowhere numerically in this election although there are more of them than Gen Xers. As usual, college students stayed away in droves. In general I agree with you about admiring their values, but it will take some concerted political action on their part for me to admire their politics.

      • They didn’t vote for probably the usual reasons that turnout is low for young voters, and then on top of that a bunch of them thought Clinton would win and didn’t like her or were mad about Bernie Sanders. So there were some folks who stayed away as a protest, or voted third party. I think this election result is a wake-up call for them that will last their entire lifetimes. Anyway, I’m hoping.

        I don’t want to seem like I’m blaming millennials for giving us Trump, as there were plenty of factors. I want to believe in them because they represent the future of this country, one way or other.

        • I wouldn’t have been a college instructor / professor as long as I was if I didn’t want to believe in them (and I do, and I also think that it’s an incredibly interesting life phase to observe, the 18-25 years). But their behavior this time around meant they took a ding for me. I hope they’ve learned something, too. I wonder why we taught them that if they didn’t get exactly precisely what they wanted in a political candidate, they were somehow justified in staying away. I mean, I taught history and spent a lot of time on political theory and specifically the growth of democratic institutions, so I, too, am responsible.

  3. Could it be that he’s referring to Ahna’s love for him? She calls him her darling friend, that she dragged herself out of bed to see the play he was performing in. Just throwing that interpretation out there 🙂

    • I was just thinking this morning, perhaps he’s genuinely positive about things and that he’s happy about the various projects that are yet to come in his way, but I find that lately he’s displaying some sort of euphoric, puffs of joy feelings.
      As when you’ve just met someone, and you might be in love. He might be in love. But this is just a thought I had, it’s absolutely NOT based on actual facts. It might not even be the case.


    • Mezz it might just be social media kind of talk (Re Anna), but perhaps there might be something out there with someone 🙂

    • i doubt it, but that’s just me.

      • Oh, I didn’t mean romantic love wrt Ahna, I was thinking friendship love/affection!

        • yeah, I don’t think he’s talking about Ahna in any sense, I think he’s talking about the play, but again, just me.

          • Maybe he should’ve said ” love love love wins in the end” then there would be no confusion. 😉

            • Tbh I think he just decided to hurl a platitude through space because he thought it would be meaningful. But thanks for trying to put a nice construction on it. 🙂 I just don’t have the energy anymore … the thought that we’re facing four years of having to hold the line on racism, sexism, violence, immigration, climate change while men tell me that I’m overreacting has me too exhausted at the moment.

  4. Maybe he is talking about Love Love Love not about love 😉

    • I think it’s hard to say that love wins out in the play unless you mean it ironically …

      • yes 🙂 but what are the quotations? whether the play is a success? Is this Love Love Love wins in the end NY?

        • Love wins in the end is not something (as far as i remember) is in the play. The quotation he makes in the facebook post (it’s visible my previous post) is something Sandra says to Kenneth to try to get him to kiss her / dance with her — in betrayal of his brother.

  5. I admire you posting anything at all lately. I just feel numb.

  6. Makes me cringe a little when he is in “luvvie” mode😜!!

    • I didn’t know that word until I became a fan — doesn’t seem to be in common usage in the US — but it perfectly describes what was going on yesterday.

  7. I am afraid I am sliding into resignation.

  8. […] you know, Armitage’s citation of Sandra’s lines at this on November 10 led me to a huge internal uproar and to suspend blogging for four days. I think anyone who’s familiar with the point in the […]

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