Zero interest in being mansplained to today, Richard Armitage


~ by Servetus on November 10, 2016.

65 Responses to “Zero interest in being mansplained to today, Richard Armitage”

  1. Was ist “mansplained”?

    • A man telling you in a friendly, patronizing way how you should feel or what you should think.

      • Ich hatte mir schon sowas in der Art gedacht. Bloß meinen beiden Dictionary-Apps war das komplett unbekannt.
        Egal. Ich mag mir garnicht vorstellen, wie du dich fühlst.

        • Mr. Dual Citizen isn’t about to lose his health insurance in February. For instance. Inter alia. He’s not a Muslim or a woman or undocumented. He is the epitome of privilege in this particular context and it gets under my skin when people like him tell me how I should react to something.

          Mansplaining: It’s a word that’s only been around maybe the last three or four years.

  2. I was just thinkig why I feel an itch? It is just that Mr.Hansome Philosopher’s irrytating manner.

  3. Ugh

    • I wrote various things that involved an obscenity and then erased them. Trying to stay kind and all of that.

      • It would be a distraction to get into it – maybe one I can use now – but I agree. I don’t know if I’m staying kind or just silent. Not in the mood for that particular fight.

        • I don’t want to deal with the whole “oh, Richard, you’re so smart, oh Richard, you’re so kind, you said just the right thing” ass kissing crowd today either.

  4. As I replied to him last night, I don’t feel like dancing. Too worried about what will come to pass.
    I think he’s just trying to be the eternal optimist, trying to see the good that might come.

    • I’m going to say something consciously sexist: the Y chromosome often leads to short attention spans. I know so many men who are the same way: “cheer up, honey!”

      • J’ ose être incorrecte, désolée!
        Ses discours moralisateurs – sur les bons sentiments,- sur la bonne parole, qui ne blesse personne, avec ses audiobooks sur l’amour pourraient être de bonnes alternatives aux prémédications avec anesthésiques généraux, anxiolytiques, hypnotiques et même aux cocktails administrés aux personnes incurables en fin de vie. Sachant que le budget de la santé doit subir une cure digne d’un régime vegan, nos dirigeants pourraient s’en inspirer.

  5. Well, I don’t think he said the right thing, or anyway, he didn’t say anything that helps me. He as not so sanguine after Brexit.

    • I know, right? All i can think of is that he has nothing to do with all of the problems that are about to be appear — the decimation of health care for the poor, the reintroduction of blatant, open sexism and discrimination into workplaces, the destruction of the public school system, the violence against minorities. His work isn’t generally dependent on the public weal. And he can fly away from the global warming that we’re about to generate.

      So feel free to dance, Mr. Armitage. While the US is burning.

    • the other thing that drives me crazy about this kind of thing is his ongoing tendency to quote things as if they are aphorisms. The line he cites in the play is part of Sandra’s justification for why Kenneth should betray his brother.

      • He should have just stayed silent. (And yes, the ass kissing on Twitter riles me too. Even if I now sound very unkind.)

        • I usually don’t say anything about it because (a) I figure everyone knows how I feel and (b) it’s not illegal and there are many ways to be a fan and (c) I’m opposed to policing. But sometimes I think he could say 2 + 2 + 5 and people would say he’s Einstein. And today was one of those days.

          • I know.

            I consider RA to be thoughtful. That’s what attracted me in the first place. At least, when he talks about work.

            But “Love wins in the end” was just too much. Really, RA??

            • It doesn’t even win in the end of the play. Unless you count the fact that Kenneth is coming on to his drunken ex-wife as a win.

              • I haven’t read the play so I didn’t know this. Makes the quote even more banal and hackneyed. Le sigh

                • The quote he cites is something she says to him when she’s trying to convince him to dance with her / kiss her in Act One. I was referring to the end of the play. Sorry for spoiler, though!

                  • Gosh, don’t worry. I’m one of those weird people who don’t mind spoilers. Thanks for the background info.

            • Somehow this last line, “Love wins in the end”, reminds me of Gone with the Wind’s “Tomorrow is another day”. I always thought this was a strangely complacent ending after all they’d been through. And we do “Give a d…” contrary to Rhett Butler.
              I know how I feel about this, I cannot begin to imagine how you must be feeling. It’s a horrid result. Quoting this last part of the play is downright weird in the given circumstances, because it’s taken out a context in which K tries to “soften up” S (RA’s own words).

              • Oh, so it’s from the first part of the play. Then it makes even less sense.

              • Re ‘Love wins in the end’, ‘Tomorrow is another day’,… Yes, it is, I think, one of those platitudes that are even more annoying, given this election context.
                If I were to give him the benefit of the doubt, I’d assume that he felt he needed to make a statement, couldn’t come up with an original idea and then messed it up by taking (again) something he read somewhere out of context to ‘make people feel better’. He is experienced enough to guess that this strategy is likely to backfire though. Then again I’m not sure how much practice he got at drama school and later in his work environment to build solid arguments and/or meaningful statements. At the end of the day, he deals with almost only platitude-like blurbs in his professional life (e.g. Interviews), maybe I expect too much of him here.

                • You may be onto something there. That plus he’s in an extremely touchy-feely environment in which everyone thinks and speaks with their emotions and feelings. It’s all pathos-driven. If one wants rationale, don’t be around actors. Actors are never (or hardly ever) superficial, but I got a certain superficiality out of these tweets, and it wasn’t the time or the place.

      • On top of everything else, based on her election tweets, I find it hard to believe Zoe Kazan was sitting around in the theater laughing today at this situation.

        • I know … she’s definitely a sister heart.

          He should be worried, too, though. Trump’s promised to make even legal immigration much harder.

          • Trump’s immigration policy is not directed at Armitage types – but I could see him obstructing the entry of individuals who he wants revenge against.

            • I dunno. He wants to restrict the H1B. I agree that actors are not likely to be restricted on that basis, but who knows what he will do with green card renewals, etc.?

              • Maybe Brits will need special recommendation from Farage to get a green card going forward sarcasm off
                But May is already trying to establish this ‘special relationship’ once they take back their country…. (Sorry, guess I better step back, this still gets me worked up)

  6. Perhaps he wants to distance himself from his earlier tweets, perhaps he fears deportation. LOL

    • LOL. You’re only really at risk for that now if your skin is brown, though.

    • 😀 😀

    • Il craint peut-être une peudo nouvelle chasse aux sorcières, comme celle sous le sénateur Joseph McCarthy, à Hollywood, dans les années 50. Où est le courage?

      • Newt Gingrich said this morning that he wants to revive the House Committee on Unamerican Activities. No joke.

        • I had to look up what the HUAC was. Chilling. How much can peaceful protests and the opposition achieve, if anything at all?

          • It’s one of those “first they came for the socialists” situations. Everyone agrees that (gasp) Muslim infiltrators are bad … but at the end of the chain there’s no one left to protest at all. I don’t know what the solution is, either.

            Additional info you may not know if you haven’t been reading this blog long — my home town is the hometown of Joseph McCarthy. This is especially chilling to me — I never thought we would live through an episode like this in my lifetime.

          • To give you some idea of what the HUAC was doing, might I suggest you rent the movie “Trumbo”? It’s based on a true story.

          • And what about Robert Redford my first crush in:
            ” The way we were” ****
            “The Company You Keep”
            ” The candidate Mc Kay”
            “All the president’s men”
            “All Is Lost ” = we will survive I hope
            You can compare the Berlin’s roofs in “Berlin Station” and ” Spy Game” too .

        • I joked, Nightmares in prospects tonight!!!!

  7. Shall we all fiddle while Rome burns??

    • yes, let’s. I’ve got a playlist I compiled recently from a play I attended … we can fiddle along with those jerks to those tunes [sarcasm]

  8. He wants to reach out and say something positive in this mess, but it’s too trite, too early.

    • right on both counts. I just found myself thinking that he has no idea why that woman was crying — he doesn’t know the reason, and he’s not a woman. I’m not an essentialist but I think people who don’t have to deal with a particular prejudice have no idea what that might be like.

  9. I’ve been unable to speak much at home since the election results (and I am Canadian!) and my husband has wisely stayed out of my way and been very, very quiet ever since I told him that my insides feel ripped out and I am simply disgusted with everything right now. It makes me realize why I married him. If he tried to say the bullshit that Armitage wrote there, he knows I would rip his head off.

    • his head or something else …

    • I had a long group chat this morning with four of my closer academic friends, to discuss what action may or may not be appropriate in the next weeks, before Trump is inaugurated, and then once his administration starts putting through its announced program. For better or for worse, a lot of my closer academic friends are German historians and we’re now all pondering the lessons of history — what is the point of entering an active, vocal opposition, and of course the corresponding question of so-called “inner emigration.” A lot of things have appeal right now. I don’t know what I have energy for, but I also don’t know what my conscience can or can’t live with. But one thing none of us is considering is dancing.

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