Richard Armitage replies

Gawd. It’s like you think we’re idiots or something.

~ by Servetus on November 11, 2016.

27 Responses to “Richard Armitage replies”

  1. I’m here to confess. Maybe I am an idiot because I can’t figure out where he posted this. It doesn’t seem to be on his FB page or Twitter.

    • No, you wouldn’t have seen it unless you had replied to his post on FB. It’s a reply to his own post of last night.

  2. Ah. OK. Digging himself in a little deeper. Not the tactic I would advise.

  3. Breathe…just breathe.

  4. I can’t even. This like his approach to Orlando all over again. Hs there been criticism of his statement from folks on Twitter? I have to look. He heard criticism from someplace.

    • Here, on my blog post. Some people disagreeing with him in comments on FB. A few on Twitter, including the tweep formerly known as KleverNut.

      • I just read the comments on the original and the reply. I see there was a lot of disagreement with him on the first, but replies to his own reply are interesting – especially one that thanks him for clarifying for those who did not understand ( ?), and one that calls him out for quoting Sandra.

        • I do think part of the issue is that a lot of people have neither seen nor read the play (particularly people in non-English speaking countries), but I suspect that that the people criticizing him most vehemently had either read or seen it.

  5. Does he have to respond to EVERYTHING? Sometimes I think he’s just all about himself and how he appears to others. At this point I’m wishing he’d be quiet.

  6. I’m curious? What’s the big deal with what he said? He’s entitled to say how he feels? I don’t think he really meant it to be offensive? I find it surprising that this guys every syllable, word,comma, letters are scrutinized to the minute detail.. I’m just surprised he feels like he always had to explain himself to a few that people that get upset at him? Just curious

    • He says how he feels, we say how we feel about it. He’s not more important than us. Communication is a two way street. I don’t have to love everything he says.

      We’re fans, we’re entitled to do all the scrutiny we like. Please read the comments policy. Don’t tell us what to write about or talk about, or you will be blocked from commenting here.

      The big deal about what he said is that a lot of us are hurt, frightened, terrified about what is about to happen in the US. I will lose my health insurance. Good friends of mine have been exposed to racist threats today. Taht’s not even the worst of what is about to happen. Including to a lot of people in his fandom. His comment, a quote taken wildly out of context, implied that people should just forget about all that stuff and dance. He inserted himself into a community of people in which many are hurting and frightened as hell (not just me — many) and essentially told us we are overreacting.

      Do you see what the big deal is now?

  7. I don’t follow Fb or Twitter so don’t know what comments and/or criticism (if any) he has encountered on those sites to elicit his reply but it does makes me wonder (again) whether he reads this blog?

    • I don’t think so. However, if he is, all I can say is (a) I hope not; he’s not invited and I have stated this multiple times (b) if he does, it’s up to him how to deal with it. It’s not my job to spare his feelings.

  8. What walls does he see collapsing I wonder? From where I’m sitting I see the opposite about to happen! Neither Brexit, the eurosceptic right nor Trump and his buddies seem to encourage D&I, open minds or welcoming arms.

    • What’s really bizarre about the idea that that applies to the current situation (aside from the fact that on the list of Trump’s “first 100 days” activities is “start construction of a wall” is that in the play, when they refer to “walls collapsing,” they are talking about the end of old, crumbling, pointless structures. Not the destruction of democracy.

  9. I’m a first-time poster, a three-quarters-hearted fan of RA (but love your writing!) and a millennial, too. But it’s comments like these that I’ve seen him make or heard about (like the drama with the crying fan) that honestly make me think he is a pretty insecure human being, who cares waaaaaaay too much about what people/fans/others think of him. It actually makes me really sad for him. Own it, dude! Because pandering is so very unattractive. I get that this is pretty common with actors (believe me, I live in DC where this is par for the course for most of our elected officials) but he seems to have a particularly bad case of it.

    It also makes me laugh that people “defend” (ha!) him when he does these things by saying “oh look, he’s such a caring human being.” I don’t doubt that he IS a caring human being, but I would have to disagree that such statements that obviously speak of insecurity have anything to do with his kindness.

    I could be way off, though. Like I said, I’m a millennial. 😉

    • Thanks for the comment in welcome — for some reason this went into spam and I never got a notice about it.

      LOL bout being a millennial. I didn’t read the self-defense as an indication of kindness but either of frustration or sensitivity. It is a consequence of writing on the Internet that one has to own what one says, but there’s definitely a learning curve (as well I know).

      Anyway, hope you weren’t driven away from further comments by the long delay from me.

  10. what walls? I’m an idiot! it’s clear! ah well… Who wants big hug +coffie+ apple pie? 🙂

  11. Die ganze Situation macht mich extrem dünnhäutig und da kann ich solche Kommentare (wie “gut” auch immer gemeint) nicht entspannt aushalten. Zuerst hatte ich gedacht, ich hätte in vielleicht nicht richtig verstanden… tanzen?!?
    Trotzdem feiern wir heute St. Martin so wie es Tradition ist (mit Hefeteig-Martinsgänsen, heißer Schokolade und Kaffee und einen Laternenumzug), denn man muss an das Gute in der Welt erinnern und seine Ideale hochhalten.

    • I realized this morning that I forgot all about Martin Luther’s birthday — not that long ago, an important day in my life. LOL. Laterne, Laterne!

      • “… Sonne, Mond und Sterne. Brenne auf mein Licht, brenne auf mein Licht, aber nur meine liebe Laterne nicht.”
        Gerade habe ich deinen Post über die Schwierigkeiten des Fandaseins gelesen und hoffe, dass die “Laterne” nicht in Flammen aufgegangen ist. Sehr bildlich gesprochen…
        Ja, ja, der Herr Luther. Große Feierlichkeiten kommen auf uns zu 🙂

        • It’s funny how things have changed — I used to throw a big party on that day. Ah well.

          We’ll see. I can’t imagine life without this blog, but.

          • Wir bräuchten einen anderen Ort, um uns auszutauschen…
            Ich würde euch ansonsten sehr vermissen. Die ganze Horizonterweiterung, du weißt schon.
            Es wäre nicht dasselbe, anyway.
            Wir zünden heute in der Dunkelheit viele Lichter an. Das erscheint mir aus den unterschiedlichsten Gründen angemessen.

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