Since I’m here anyway

Here’s a link to a sample of Richard Armitage narrating Romeo & Juliet.

More reflection later. I did watch Berlin Station last night. I’m not sure I can stay away from this blog. I’m trying to figure out what my designation is, exactly.

~ by Servetus on November 14, 2016.

17 Responses to “Since I’m here anyway”

  1. Je vous avais pourtant prévenue, sa voix est un poison hypnotique très puissant et très dangereux, auquel il est difficile de résister.
    Well,nevertheless I warned you, his voice is a very powerful and very dangerous hypnotic poison, that is hard to resist. It’s an unequal battle! Try to poke your head out occasionally to explore something strange (stranger), to challenge yourselves. I should try too.


  2. My closest two neighbors are in perpetual conflicts (Invasive mallards ducks, right-of-way, common path maintenance, …)
    A family has 2 boys and the other family 3 girls. A few years ago,
    just in the spirit of fun, you know me, I joked with the mom of the girls, wishing her that one of the 3 does not fall in love with a boy. The mother spoke about the Capulet family, I did not understand, not having made the link between the novel and the first name of the 2nd daughter: Juliette.
    Thus I was a fool twice.


  3. “Blerg” as the scene possibly may be, hearing this little snippet of vocal performance made me decide that I’ll have to listen. Love the voice.


  4. Amazing when you are “star crossed” just what can happen in your love life.


    • I guess … I’d like to think that I wouldn’t have done that kind of thing, even when I was thirteen …

      I just was never really the target audience for that type of story.


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