Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: Fuzzy femur edition

With added incentive for doing more of these 🙂


~ by Servetus on November 15, 2016.

51 Responses to “Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: Fuzzy femur edition”

  1. Fuzzy – I really like that bed cover.


  2. Hmm, I think I need to catch up on my BS😍


  3. Ignore, people, ignore. BTW I’m not old, I’m just trying to show appreciation (ahem).
    Fuzzy, I’m sure it’s less fuzzy further “north”. See, I’m not old😂😜😎


  4. right now I’m very badly wishing that there was some way i could see BS


  5. The weight loss situation is getting serious- we can see his ribs. For the love of G-d man, just eat a pie or two! Or some chocolate ice cream.

    I haven’t seen the episode but the fake fur coverlet tells me all I need to know about that young lady.


    • He is really, really slim.

      I think you have to account for taste issues — which differ across cultures. This is Mina Tander playing a German BFV agent.


    • Selon des études scientifiques internationales. Ce sentiment de devoir «toujours présenter le meilleur de soi» se retrouve chez de nombreux hommes et femmes médiatisés … Aussi il y aurait une volonté de confirmer le cliché selon lequel un homme ne pourrait être que viril et en bonne santé (quelque soit son choix de partenaire, dans la vie privée)… Ceux-ci vivent également «une grande inquiétude face au vieillissement, à la maladie ( sous entendu SIDA)»… Ces personnes ont trois fois plus de chances que les hommes et les femmes de la rue, de souffrir de troubles , de dérives alimentaires et d’anxiété maladive.
      A vous de faire votre propre analyse et jugement, je ne fais que rapporter des propos qui ont pignon sur rue, auprès de spécialistes en comportement humain.


      • You are really improving my capacity to read French on the fly.


      • I Hope much easier to understand. But was neither easy to write in French or English without being too improper.
        According to international scientific studies. This sense of duty “to always present the best of themselves” is found at many men and women popularized through the media… Also there would be” a desire to confirm the stereotype according to which a man could be only virile and in good health”, (whatever their choice of partner, in private life is)… They also live «a great concern facing ageing, facing illness” (under heard AIDS’ fear)… These people are “three times more likely than anyone man and woman, to suffer from food’s excesses or disorders and from morbid anxiety”…
        It is up to you to make your own analysis and judgment, I am only bringing back purposes which have been well-established (soundness), with specialists in human behavior.


    • May he properly appreciate ,as it should be, the meal of Christmas Eve concocted with love by his mother


  6. Coverlet?? What coverlet?!?? 😛

    I’m too busy drooling… I mean admiring the view of that gorgeous back! 😉


  7. Ode to a Fuzzy Femur

    A femur might seem odd to kiss,
    But who needs lips, it is pure bliss.
    And why do we like all that fuzz?
    The answer: Well, just because.

    Kathy Jones


  8. Yeah, whatever. sigh EP 5 was candy 😛


  9. Kathy strikes again! I’m a big fan of Kathy’s verses.
    I enjoyed all of this too, but wondered if I am abnormal by admiring the furnishings of her apartment in the wall sex scene……


  10. Oh, and Serv???? So seeing the turn on of the sexy smoking … I’m SOLD!


    • You mean seeing him roll a joint didn’t do it for you? 🙂

      But yeah, I never ever want to smoke but post-coital smoking? Sharing a cigarette? I just won’t inhale 🙂


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