Richard Armitage had me by 12:57 at the latest


Daniel (Richard Armitage) and Esther (Mina Tander) begin their trip to get rid of Houjin Lin in Berlin Station 1.5.

I’m really still feeling raw about Armitage’s remarks last week in the wake of the election, and I might have stayed so if I hadn’t watched Berlin Station on Sunday night. I was initially planning not to watch it but unfortunately, I’ve gotten dad interested and didn’t know how to explain that I wasn’t in the mood. And sure enough. This was the best episode yet. I’d been concerned earlier from the fangirl perspective that there weren’t any “replay this ad infinitum” scenes, but there are two or three in this episode.

So yeah. Armitage the actor convinced me. Also, I can’t imagine not writing here, at least not right now.

I don’t know what to do about this, because I’m frustrated with myself and I’m still really a mess about the election. I have a lot to say about Love, Love, Love. I’m interested in everything. Ideally, I’d just stay away from Armitage’s social media — or only look at Twitter when I know I am in a very good mood, because both of them tend to enrage me. Also, I know after the many helpful remarks that people left that I need to do more work on the “me” piece of this; that may balance things out.

I’m just as clueless as ever and almost as upset, but I’m back. See what happens.

~ by Servetus on November 15, 2016.

64 Responses to “Richard Armitage had me by 12:57 at the latest”

  1. Thank you, Serv! I’m so glad you are back. Missed you. Can’t imagine my fandom without your blog.

    • I appreciate your support. i wasn’t gone that long, but it was a weird feeling. I gess the blog, and my Armitage obsession, aren’t over yet.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the new episode and decided to stay for now!!!!

  3. welcome back, servetus. very happy that you are keeping the blog and sorry that you are still upset, just take it one day at a time and if you need a break from your blog/Mr. Richard Armitage, take it.

    • I think I may finally have crossed the line into “love his work, negative about him,” but I guess we’ll see.

  4. Good to see you back on your blog. And well, there is such a thing as “selective fangirling” – there is no obligation to visit the parts of fandom that enrage you 😉 I hope you find a way to balance your needs!
    As for the show – boyohboy, finally Daniel Miller has got my attention. And no, not because of the sex that was thrown in (although that may have helped) but because he is finally becoming a rounded character whose emotional backstory is revealed in a meaningful way that actually makes sense in the drama of the series. Half way through the show, BS has finally come into its own.

    • And not just him. I finally had a moment of sympathy for Robert Kirsch, too.

      • He’s been one of my favourites from episode 1 and I am glad to see him now act on his own accord. I also still am intrigued with Hector.

        • My interest in Hector seems to develop in inverse proportion to the number of people he gets involved with. I just rolled my eyes when he started the whole thing with Danny’s sister. Whatever. I just don’t find him a very interesting villain. I’m probably the only person in the fandom who’s happy he isn’t playing that role.

          • LOL – depends on the outcome of this whole show. If Hector survives and Daniel doesn’t, I’d rather he had been the baddie with the questionable motives and hedonist lifestyle 😉

        • oh, and yeah, wasn’t a huge fan of Robert, either. Probably the character I like most after Danny is Ingrid Hollander, then Sandra, then Valerie.

          • Disregarding the actor who plays him – is Danny your favourite character in BS?

            • I don’t think I can separate those things, insofar as I would not be watching this show at all if it were not for the actor and I’d have turned it off in the middle of episode 4, never to return, if for some reason I had been watching it. So perforce I am most interested in that character.

              If it were just the character, I would have gotten a lot more interested in him after this episode, in any case.

  5. Serv. Like how you say you will just stay away from the “social media”, that is how I feel about it too. I just want to enjoy his marvelous acting, enjoy him. I will enjoy interviews about his movies or upcoming events etc, or some small personal info but other than that and of course reading your blog keeps me up on different aspects I shall be satisfied and I think a happier camper. I prefer not to let the social media issues of someones views ruin my enjoyment of their craft. Social Issues can ruin my day on their own 😦

    • I think part of the issue is that how I have stayed up to date until now has been by excavating social media. I admit defeat this week, though. It wasn’t just my issues with Armitage, it was seeing the things that fellow fans wrote on their FB walls about the election. Fandom is a cross section of humanity but after this week I no longer feel like I am likeminded with a large segment of Richard Armitage’s fans, either.

      In practice I don’t know how it is going to work. News delivery here will probably slow way down, at least in the short run. I wasn’t having such a huge problem till Twitter changed its filters — one thing I need to do is fiddle with that, I suppose. I’m just going to need not to look at Armitage’s tweets unless I am in an extremely good mood, I suppose.

  6. I saw the new sexy pictures on Tumblr and thought ‘Serv, has to come back for this.’

  7. So glad you decided to come back. How can any of us leave now, with Daniel Miller beckoning us to watch? His pull is irresistible.

  8. Glad to see you back! As the others have suggested, avoiding social media might be the ticket. Hope you find your balance soon. 🙂

    • Servetus the Richard Armitage fan who likes neither Richard Armitage nor her fellow fans … (slight exaggeration) … what a weird place I’ve ended up at.

      • Welcome to the club…
        And I think it’s not a weird place at all. It’s a very healthy one.
        Some time ago I came to the conclusion that I probably don’t like him as a person or at least heartily dislike the way he handles social media and what he prefers to publish there. It annoys me. And at the same time I’m highly bored by it.
        But I still like the way he looks, his acting and what he has to say about his work. That’s enough for me.

        • Yeah, it just puts me in a bind in terms of my fundamental questions. But whatever. It’s not the first time.

  9. I’m glad you’re back!

  10. Happy you’re back for now.

    • For now is a good description. I’m still pretty close to the precipice and it’s an uncomfortable feeling. I don’t like being here. This isn’t how I am supposed to be feeling.

      • Remember this is your hobby, and hobbies are supposed to be fun.

        • No, it’s never really been my hobby, although it has aspects of that and at times I refer to it that way. It’s the search for the answer to a question. So I don’t expect that it will be fun all the time (I’ve done enough hard research projects), and that maybe explains why this blog is not as lighthearted as some of them are. To paraphrase Frost, this is “work as play for mortal stakes.”

      • By ‘this’ I mean RA is the hobby. The ‘you’/’me’ in the name of the blog is not.

        • yeah, I don’t think he’s the hobby. That sort of implies he could be anyone, and that’s not true, and that’s part of the problem of why what he said on FB was so wounding.

          • I would say RA is definitely my hobby. I don’t know him, but he’s not anyone to me. He’s my first (and only) celebrity crush. Odd to have to admit that at my age, but he cannot be anything else than a hobby. If he were, I would betray everything I believe in (…that’s what I realised that rainy evening in front of The Old Vic).
            And what he said WAS infuriating – so, yeah…Different perspectives.

            • yeah, I’m not averse to him being a hobby for anyone. All kinds of ways to be fan. But this / he isn’t a hobby for me. If he were, I’d have quit in 2012.

              • Do you know what he is to you? Or are you exploring?

                • That’s not really the question — or yeah, he’s an inspiration or whatever, or a sort of blinking light or a siren calling attention to moments of synchronicity and coalescing patterns. The more fundamental problem for me is how who he is (insofar as I can grasp that) contributes to how he accomplishes what he accomplishes. I want to know how to create this particular kind of focused art, I guess, that I see him implicated in. He’s the only person who’s ever opened up that possibility to me. So that’s why it’s him. And the act of creating a tulpa of him is for me a sort of creative lesson or instruction. I suppose my issue is that given the level of his impact on me I don’t think it’s entirely random. But when he says stuff like he did last week, I start to think there is no there there. Which may be true. But then I see what he does and I get drawn into the question again. And as I always used to tell my students, there are questions that are never over (at least for a long time) and those are the best ones.

                  • Very interesting and intriguing. Thank you for the thoughtful answer.

                  • and-I might add-the reason why I’m reading.

                  • This is I think the essence of what I like about this blog (came for RA but so stayed for the “me” 🙂 ), it’s something I can connect to as well to a certain extent. This something, feels like part of why Armitage and myself, so, always interesting to read your thoughts.
                    And love your well witten personal and historical/culture texts as well.

                    Take care Servetus, I hope the next few years will not be awful. I’m not in the US so naturally my perspective is just from the outside, but I’m really worried about the whole situation. hugs you

                    • Thanks for saying this — I’d been thinking about another one of these posts and had been putting it off, really for weeks. Incentive to prioritize.

  11. I hope the series will be less Manichaean and caricatural than it seems to be. Can one expect better from a spy thriller?

    • I’m less optimistic about that than I was at the beginning. Part of it is listening to Olen Steinhauer at the end of every episode — he tells us how his categories are more complicated, but it’s the same old, same old. He seems to see the world in very caricatured terms.

      • Ici, en France, les lanceurs d’alerte ont une image de ” Robin des Bois”, qui souvent se retrouvent bannis de la société (harassement judiciaire, déclassement social, fuite à l’étranger…). Là, il semble être caricaturé en traître, qui en plus est affublé d’une personnalité controversable. Sans parler des autres clichés dus à l’actualité plus ou moins récente. C’est déjà la moitié de la saison, mais on peut deviner que la vision globale restera binaire, à part quelques rebondissements, que je ne peux prévoir.

  12. Glad you’re back. I really enjoy your blog.

  13. Just a quick note that sex against a wall or door is not as much a fantasy as is thought.

    • You can take it up with Obscura — apparently research substantiates her position. However, I would agree that it’s not as much fun as it looks like it could be.

  14. LOL Only meant it happens more than people think. I will say Obscura is probably right, however also will go with your last point of view 🙂

    • Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah. I think everyone tries this a few times. Well, if the guy is strong and the woman is smaller. My tip on this would be that it becomes a lot more achievable if the woman puts one foot on the ground — but she has to be pretty flexible to do that. 🙂

  15. One of those “better in fantasy than practice” maneuvers I think. Unless you practice, practice, practice. 😉

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