Interesting piece by Mark Rylance


~ by Servetus on November 16, 2016.

7 Responses to “Interesting piece by Mark Rylance”

  1. Very interesting. I have almost as much of a crush on Mark Rylance as I do on RA, but for very different reasons. What an actor. And another good human being, as far as I can tell. Have you got Wolf Hall in the USA yet?

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. I missed it. It makes me miss backstage life, but then I’m missing directing a lot these days now that I’m in arts admin hell. Alas. . . I’ll figure out it. But this was lovely!


    • I thought his descriptions of how he attends to the audience were interesting. Also I like the project of recreating plays as they’d have been done in the past (even if I don’t want to become the only or the prevailing performance practice). In my limited experience of his work, he has seemed extremely talented and it’s kind of a delight to discover his intelligence.


      • A few weeks back there was a brouhaha about Emma Rice, the artistic director of the Globe, being fired over wanting to use modern lighting in her productions. It was more complicated than that and there was an uproar in a lot of theater quarters about her genius being thwarted. But I thought, “There are tons of places doing modern and avant garde Shakespeare in this world. There aren’t many whose mission is to keep alive original practices.” It wasn’t a good match between Rice and the Globe. But, as you say, I’m glad they’re doing that work, even if I don’t always want my Shakespeare served up that way.


        • I would hypothesize, too, the Globe (b/c people think of it as the historic Shakespeare theater) probably has a different series of considerations to make on that score, as well. And if there’s still an audience for it, it’s particularly a good idea.

          I think of the comparison to musical performances with period instruments — something that there’s comparatively less demand for. In the end I suppose an audience votes with its feet — but if you’re the Globe and you have an audience that wants, even expects that, I don’t see it as a bad thing. As you say, one can direct avantgarde pieces elsewhere.

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