Berlin Station gets a second season #richardarmitage

Will Daniel Miller?

~ by Servetus on November 17, 2016.

26 Responses to “Berlin Station gets a second season #richardarmitage”

  1. Hope Richard is in Season 2. Michelle tagged him in her tweet Could it be the indirect confirmation? At the same time Richard keeps silent 😕


  2. Great news today, which comes at a good time when quite a few people finally have gotten into BS. I really, really hope this means he will continue to be in BS. Let’s hope he has kept his post-LLL schedule free.


  3. That’s the elephant in the room, isn’t it? But it’s great news and I’m very happy to hear it!


    • If I were him, I’d keep my cards close to my chest 🙂 although it certainly sounded a few months ago like he wanted to go back.

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      • I can’t help feeling like something is going on that’s not settled…. he could have teased us with something like, “Great news, let’s see if Daniel survives” but for whatever reason he didn’t. He has a lot of possibilities right now, not all of which would necessarily preclude S2 entirely.


        • I just think it’s not in his, fans or the show’s interest for him to reveal the ending. If he says he is coming back for sure, then we know that Daniel survives the season. The value of the cliffhanger is damaged for anyone who is paying to watch it week by week.

          Maybe I’m just in a horrible mood (or I should say — I have been in a horrible mood for days) but I don’t get why the tweeps seem so annoyed that he hadn’t said anything or now, apparently, hasn’t said something different. It seems obvious to me (see above) …


          • Oh right, it didn’t bother me either…. but that was my take on it. I guess I felt it was possible to acknowledge the news while keeping the cliffhanger intact. Especially as I thought he said during press tour that he didn’t know the ending either 😉 Who knows with Mr. Mystery, right?


  4. Hope for international distribution then maybe.


  5. I will be beyond disappointed if Daniel kicks the Berlin Station bucket. There are two endings, right? So I hope, now that they know there is a second season confirmed, he will be alive for it.


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