Rabbit trailing Richard Armitage: No trail too small

So I saw this tweet and thought, hmm, that could be Annabel Capper on the left.


[ETA the tweet below from Joanna van Kampen, who was also at LAMDA with Armitage and played with him in The Cherry Orchard.]


So I decided to google Mali Tudno Jones and Annabel Capper together and see what happened, where I came up on this blog, written by Chris Naylor, an actor who also left LAMDA in 1998. So I entered “Armitage” in the search terms on the blog, leading to this post, that referenced something Richard Armitage said in a discussion of a LAMDA instructor, Christian Darley.

So I googled Richard Armitage and Christian Darley together and found this. What a gold mine! I hadn’t seen it before; apologies if you have. It’s a testimonial for Darley’s book and fleshes out the “I thought I was a monkey in Regent’s Park” story and has Armitage telling a story about his professional training!


Chris Naylor also references Richard Armitage’s apparent ambition in his repeating of an anecdote we heard in the 2014 Crucible publicity.

~ by Servetus on November 17, 2016.

14 Responses to “Rabbit trailing Richard Armitage: No trail too small”

  1. Wauw. The Actor’s Advocate blog is really a treasure chest. Chris Naylor has some very interesting articles. It did, however, throw me somewhat when I used your link to be ‘reconnected’ to my youth and Bros 😀
    If the lady on the left is AC and it’s MTJ on the right, who took the picture, I wonder?


    • I’ve read quite a few posts there now, lol. Interesting to hear the professional perspectives of a Richard Armitage contemporary who seems to be having a solid if not breathtaking career.

      No idea who could have taken the picture, though from the caption I’d possibly exclude Richard Armitage.


      • When I revisited the photo, I believe it is a selfie taken by the lady on the left. The hands initially threw me. The photographer is definitely not Richard Armitage.


      • And you’re right, these posts are interesting because the actor’s angle becomes really clear.


  2. Gold mine indeed, and great detective work, Serv. Interesting blog – and an interesting and eloquent contribution by Armitage to the book by Christian Darley. I like how he explains via anecdote – it’s very efficient and accessible, yet gets the point across beautifully.


  3. Great find. Interesting to see the “rule-follower” part of (the young) Armitage’s make-up thrown in with the extremely meticulous preparation.


  4. […] to try to find a picture that exemplified it; no dice. Weirdly, however, as a consequence of the recent Richard Armitage rabbit trail, I ran across a theater history post that had a video of Rupert Everett in Another Country. I […]


  5. Great find, Serv!


  6. What a resource to stumble upon.


  7. […] I just picked this one tweet as representative of about two dozen, because we’d heard from Chris Naylor before. […]


  8. […] (which strictly speaking aren’t an acting issue, I think). But ever since we got this backstory for Richard Armitage’s drama school escapades in Regent’s Park, I’ve been wondering about the “seven levels of tension.” (I’d also been […]


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