Jay Brooks’ “outtake” photo of Richard Armitage as John Proctor

Wow. And the people who didn’t want us to look at Richard Armitage / John Proctor topless didn’t even have access to this.

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~ by Servetus on November 18, 2016.

24 Responses to “Jay Brooks’ “outtake” photo of Richard Armitage as John Proctor”

  1. Huh, nice view…. Oh what a man, what a man…. 😊

  2. Wow… now that’s what I’m talking about! A new photo i can get excited about 😊

  3. Waiting for Serv’s physiology breakdown or places I would like to kiss Richard commentary.

  4. wow! ❤

  5. Great shot, like a painting

  6. I got nothing:

  7. God, he’s gorgeous!!! Yes, even covered in dirt. (And us old farm girls don’t mind a little dirt.)

    • Why he can just wash that off in a basin. Oh, wait.

      • ROFL!! Oh, no, not the basin. (Will not discuss just how many screenshots of that I have.)
        That said, I do know where there’s a six-foot-long clawfoot tub being used as a cattle trough. He’s welcome to bathe in it anytime (long as I can watch 😉 ).

  8. he has a sort of farm animal sexual energy here …

  9. i like the picture, but it looks like Mr. Richard Armitage is peacocking

  10. I like this much better than the shirtless one selected by Old Vic for one of its posters – but I’m feel fortunate that a fan friend sent me the one used – after 18 months in this house, it went up on the wall last week. I like this pose much better, though I’m not sure how either of them reflect anything about the character -except farm dirt.

  11. You have to admit, he has the capability to pump his body into shape like magic in no time at all. One time he is lanky, next movie or series he is all buff and muscles.

    • Yeah, the amount of time he must spend paying attention to diet and exercise is probably enormous by my standards …

  12. Kenneth really is a little boy compared to this. So that’s why BTS t-shirt pics taken when he got back to The Hobbit were so amazing.

    • The Hobbit was done by the time this photo was taken, in early summer 2014 — they finished in summer 2013. He did ADR for the Hobbit after this photo, though.

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