Love, Love, Love tweets 11/18 #richardarmitage





~ by Servetus on November 19, 2016.

4 Responses to “Love, Love, Love tweets 11/18 #richardarmitage”

  1. Where is she getting the $250 figure from?? Cost of subscription? No tickets are that expensive, I don’t think….


    • The face value of a single ticket is $99 at present and tax/handling is another $8, so that would be $214 for two tickets. Certainly there are discount options, but arguably $250 isn’t that far off. She may also be a donor / subscriber as well. (I don’t agree with her that there’s an obligation for the artists to appear after, however, but I included this tweet in the interest of documenting the whole experience).


    • (I assumed she went with someone; perhaps that was an incorrect assumption.)


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