Food I wish I could be eating while watching Berlin Station

Article in the Guardian about Berlin’s premier street food, Döner Kebab. Yumm!4912

~ by Servetus on November 20, 2016.

6 Responses to “Food I wish I could be eating while watching Berlin Station”

  1. In my NY neighborhood, some restaurants called that a Schwarma – sometimes in a pita, sometimes in a lavash ( bigger!). Across the street from me was a Yemenite, Glatt kosher Shwarma restaurant with one table. I’ve noticed though, that in Mexico, where one can find middle eastern/Turkish food, they call it a kabab also. Moat of the restaurant owner have been in Europe and consider it Turkish. There is also a strictly Mexican version maybe you know it) where the meat roasts the same way, but the seasoning and veggies are different ( and it may be mystery meat). This confuses me, since I think of a kebab as food on a skewer. Either way, when it’s spicy and hot, I love it ( minus the yoghurt sauce). That’s a particular enticing photo.


    • I had an Israeli friend when I lived in Germany who was very doctrinaire on the difference between Döner and Shawarma, but I found that I can’t get myself interested in defending that boundary. I think “kebab” refers to something being roasted on a spike of some kind and the “döner” refers to the round / turning spit?

      I ate several of these while in NYC as I haven’t found a good one here yet. We have gyros but what I appreciate about the döner / shawarma is the thinness and crispness of the meat. Gyros usually are sliced thicker and are ground meat instead of slices of roasted meat …


  2. Yum. That’s a must every time I am in Berlin. My favourite version is a Dürüm Döner – and mainly because the contents are spread evenly in it and because it comes handily wrapped in tin foil, making it less messy to eat.


  3. Oh man, you’ve made me hungry. I’ve had schawarma in Toronto, also gyros. They are both done on a vertical spit. I think they differ slightly with the spices and the fixings, but they are similar. On a pita, usually with a garlicky sauce, yum. Here in Canada, doner kebabs are, I believe, called “donair,” but I could be wrong about that. Somehow, they are really good after you’ve been out drinking (…..not that I would know about that…..) 🙂


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