Ex parte random train of thought

Dad and my brother got five does and the season is only half over; three more tags to fill but it’s been kind of windy. They saw a twelve-point buck but haven’t been able to get off a shot. I was lying in bed this morning thinking about butchering. The alarm went off to a very loud voice in absolute outrage about Act 10. I agree but I can’t take being shouted at to wake up. I hit snooze and then off. I looked at the grey morning and thought about that awful videotape from the DC conference of that white supremacist group over the weekend, then about Victor Klemperer, I was wondering what got him to start writing, then speaking of apt commentators about the Third Reich, about Hannah Arendt, then about what she said about Bert Brecht in Origins of Totalitarianism, and so about the Three Penny Opera and I thought, hmm, maybe Richard Armitage could be in a production of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, there’s definitely an English version of that play floating around somewhere, and then I thought, oh, I wish I were in Berlin, maybe he could play it at the Berliner Ensemble, which is probably my favorite Berlin theater, I love that place, and then I thought, huh, wonder if they’ve put that on the program this season. They haven’t but there’s lots of other good stuff to see, naturally all in German, sorry Richard Armitage if you’re there this spring, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it. They’re also playing Faust I and II back to back, I assume in abridgement, even so, gluttons for punishment. And then I thought, I like that bar around the corner, the Ständige Vertretung. And then if he’s in Berlin he should visit the Brecht house this time around, I wonder how he feels about theater of alienation. Then I had to go to the bathroom. The floor was cold.

~ by Servetus on November 22, 2016.

11 Responses to “Ex parte random train of thought”

  1. « Le ventre est encore fécond, d’où a surgi la bête immonde. »
    La faiblesse des démocraties réside là. Nos pays accouchent de monstres (Rosemary’s Baby film réalisé par Roman Polanski). J’aimerai que le temps s’arrête (comme Oskar dans le Tambour film réalisé par Volker Schlöndorff)… LES EXEMPLES NE MANQUENT PAS. Tant de références cinématographiques ont dénoncé les excès du pouvoir. Ce ne sont pas des films de science fiction ou d’horreur, que nous voyons, mais la réalité que nous vivons.
    En aparté, R Armitage en tant qu’acteur ne transcende un personnage que lorsque celui-ci a une personnalité ou un destin hors du commun. Sinon il disparaît, il est insignifiant. Alors pourquoi pas un autre version de “roi Thorin” dictateur, comme vous le suggérez?
    “The belly is still fertile, from which the unclean beast arose”. The weakness of the democracies lies there. Our countries give birth to monsters (Rosemary’s Baby film directed by Roman Polanski). I wish that time stops (like Oskar in the Drum film directed by Volker Schlöndorff) … THE EXAMPLES DO NOT MISS. So many cinematographic references have demonstrated the excesses of power. These are not science fiction or horror movies we see, but the reality we live in. As an aside, R Armitage as an actor transcends a character only when he has an unusual personality or destiny. Otherwise he disappears, he is insignificant. So why not another version of “King Thorin” dictator, as you suggest?


  2. I totally get the cold floor part😉


  3. So you eat lots of deer?


    • Not as much as we did when I was a kid, but yes.

      There are six of us that eat off of this (me, dad, my brother and family), so if we get more than six, two go to charities that accept meat for processing for donation. Right now I have the impression that my brother is waiting to find a buck next and maybe doesn’t want to shoot the other two, but we have crop damage tags if he sees another doe.

      So of the six, my brother’s family will get four. We’ll take two and we will eat that all year. (It’s not as distressing as it sounds — deer around here get a lot of corn, they don’t taste like tree bark or anything.) Chops, roast, tenderloin, hamburger, sausage, hot sticks. This last year we ran out toward the end of July. Sometimes we cut the venison hamburger with beef or pork.

      When I was kid, my grandmother also made pickled heart of venison (as an appetizer for Christmas eve), pickled tongue, and head cheese. I’m not that ambitious, but my SIL might be. But she grew up during the Depression and she was one of 16, so they really ate every piece of food that ran across their path.

      (And I’ll eliminate the roadkill stories from my childhood , in that context …)


  4. Ok… wow… I don’t think my stream of consciousness ever goes to half these places. I could follow most of it, though. Not exactly read or seen it all but I get it. The most confusing part was the hunting stuff, I only understood about half of that. 😊


    • it’s interesting what people do or don’t find obscure. I assume it’s about tags (you can buy, or receive for free under some circumstances a certain number of permits to kill a deer — we got 8 this year) and the weather — when it’s windy, deer tend to shelter in a lee rather than wander around looking for food (which is when they get shot). The deer are field dressed (entrails removed) but now they are hanging (in the barn). This is said to improve the flavor. Usually we let ours hang a week, depending on the weather. If it’s warm obviously we can’t, but it’s just right this year.


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