Update on the refugee situation in Berlin #richardarmitage

Richard Armitage at a visit to the Berliner Stadtmission refugee shelter in Spandau, Spring 2016.

Richard Armitage at a visit to the Berliner Stadtmission refugee shelter in Spandau, Spring 2016.

Here. Interesting article about what happens to refugees when the social service provider responsible for them falls (perhaps justifiably in this case) under suspicion. More than half of the refugees who applied for asylum in Berlin in 2015 are still waiting for permanent housing. Meanwhile, in the city’s most recent parliamentary election, 14 percent of voters chose AfD (a far right party that is hostile to all non-Germans) and now holds 25 seats in the Berlin Parliament.

In the spring of 2016, Richard Armitage visited a refugee shelter of the Berliner Stadtmission. His report is here. Contributions to the work of the group he visited may be made here (in German) or here (in English).

~ by Servetus on November 25, 2016.

5 Responses to “Update on the refugee situation in Berlin #richardarmitage”

  1. I wish Germans who claim that refugees get paid tousands of euros from social services and are able to live in ‘Saus und Braus’ because of that would read this!!! Thanks for sharing Servetus


    • You’re welcome. This depressed me a lot b/c I think Germany does this better than most places, so if refugees in Germany have these problems?

      But I don’t think it has anything to do with factual circumstances. A few months ago my dad told me that people on welfare were getting $40k a year in benefits (he was trying to make me feel better about my current situation). I said, that’s not true. He said, prove it. It took about half hour but I came up with schedules for what people might get (on unemployment, food benefits, health insurance, disability, etc., etc.) He agreed that I was right. Two weeks later, though, I heard him complaining to a friend about welfare recipients who were getting $40k a year.

      I’ve thought about this a lot and concluded that it has something to do with the fact that around here, everyone thinks they work harder than everyone else and are underrewarded. Whether that’s true or not. Welfare recipient are thus a convenient target (I don’t think my dad actually knows anyone) because they can’t fight back, even rhetorically — because they aren’t working.


      • I think a big place like Berlin has a lot more problems like that than the average town but yes, it is horrifying!

        And yes it’s depressing that facts aren’t helping much in discussions like that. How are we supposed to overcome such prejudice when logic and facts don’t work??? sigh


        • I feel a sense of despair over this. This morning there was a campus shooting in Ohio on a campus where I have three friends from graduate school. Dad told me this is happening because news people publicize it. I said, it’s because too many people have guns and campuses are pressure cookers from Thanksgiving till end of term. He said, it’s not the guns. I said, it is the guns. He said, if we took away guns only criminals would have them. i said, you can’t tell me that. I have lived in Germany where almost no one has a gun and in relative terms, there are almost no campus shootings. It can work.

          I’m not saying the German experience would translate one to one to the US, but it’s this inability to acknowledge actual reality that drives me crazy. (We have a similar discussion about “socialism” doesn’t work in which I say: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and he ignores me.)

          It’s like people don’t want things to change, somehow. I can accept that in a 75 year old man but as a general social attitude it’s a huge problem.


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