Series of weekly reviews of Berlin Station #richardarmitage

Fabo found these. I didn’t read them. However, this is the kind of attention that Berlin Station needs to garner if it’s going to move beyond its second season.

~ by Servetus on November 29, 2016.

7 Responses to “Series of weekly reviews of Berlin Station #richardarmitage”

  1. Just finished reading all seven reviews and the reviewer, for me, is bang on; summing up with “It’s a bitter end, and while it was very entertaining to watch, I don’t think I am as emotionally invested in these characters as this show would like me to be. While I was rooting for Clare to make it out alive, I wasn’t emotionally distraught when she didn’t. I didn’t feel any heartache for Hector, either. The thing about this show is, I can’t tell if I’m supposed to be feeling these things or not. Are these characters supposed to be unsympathetic? Am I not supposed to fully trust what they say or how they present themselves to other characters? And if not, how do I invest in these characters, if I can’t be sure that I know who they truly are? It’s the conundrum of this show, and I’m not sure that any amount of interesting drama will change that.”

    The reviewer has a problem with the writing in both characterization and plot (holes), not the acting, which are my thoughts exactly.


    • I also like the reviewers line “On this week’s BERLIN STATION, “Just Decisions,” otherwise known as: ‘Spies who don’t know how to spy,’ “


    • Thanks for taking one for the team — that is an excellent quotation and it is how I feel as well.


  2. I just read all 7 reviews. I don;t agree with all the reviewer’s opinions – but I do agree that these are some of the worst spies I’ve ever watched in serious drama. I was also beginning to wonder if Daniel was ever going to connect the dots – and just how competent a spy he is – because he never recognized DeVoss even when he was nose to nose with him in drag. And – I completely agree that there was big plot eff-up when Hector seemed surprised as the Lin developments, even though he had ears on Daniel and knew that the paper was bugged by BS. I haven’t seen enough of Leland Orser’s work to tell if he always plays a neurotic type but though I think he has some other agenda, I also think that so far, he’s the only one (maybe aside from Valerie) who wants to do more to stop Isis or the Muslim extremists. I think he was angry at Frost, not only for the double cross – but also because he/they lost an important asset. Kirsch is always willing to take the highest risks – human life – to get some intel. But yeah, the reviewer gets it right when he says – my words, that this team is a little like the Keystone Kops and The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight. Finally, and most aggravating, is that it is so true that Daniel Miller is sort of bland. They should’ve given him much more to do because Richard Armitage is almost wasted in this role.


    • Something that in retrospect strikes me as no end confusing is why the publicity blitzes have centered on Armitage and Forbes rather than Ifans, Jenkins and Orser. I wonder if that would have been different had Ifans and Jenkins not been involved in other projects, but I also wonder if they just decided the pretty man would take over the work. (Or maybe this somehow was about the reach of the Armitage fandom although I doubt it. I discovered this week that I have something like seven friends / former colleagues who are watching it.)


      • It’s difficult to get it here, so no one I know now has been watching it. Friends tried it and didn’t like it. Are your colleagues watching it because they had/have independent interest, or because of your interest in Armitage? I guess they knew ahead of time who would be available. I recall during promos that the cast and creatives described it as a workplace/spy drama. Maybe they just ran with the plot point that Richard Armitage is Daniel Miller, and see him as the protagonist ( I guess he is?) Pretty man = yes – it’s his eyes running all over NYC on cabs and shining down in Times Square. It’s his silhouette in the major graphic. Ifans – maybe because he was busy. Their spiel is “Daniel Miller is sent to Berlin Station to uncover . . . Just not sure because in promo, they talk about him as the star, but also consider it an ensemble cast. Maybe it’s lack of experience. Steinhauer is a writer, they switch directors, can they not realize how under utilized he is as Daniel Miller?


        • No one in my RL knows about Armitage — the advertising for BSt seems to have been fairly comprehensive. One of them picked it up based on an ad on SiriusXM, but I think there was actually an ad in Foreign Policy online. Everyone who’s watching it is a Germany specialist. It came out because a friend posted that article about the BfV infiltration and I said, “it’s just like Berlin Station!” and people came out as watching it — not realizing that others were watching it, too.


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