OMG That is a picture of Richard Armitage

Interview here.


~ by Servetus on December 1, 2016.

34 Responses to “OMG That is a picture of Richard Armitage”

  1. Ach du liebes Lottchen! Der Traum meiner schlaflosen Nächte. Besser gehts nicht mehr……

  2. […] this on Me and Richard – check there for the link to the article. Amusing that he is deemed a fresh face, […]

  3. Looking mighty fine in black. You can tell what he’s going to look like as he ages like fine wine.

  4. Mr. Richard looks very distinguished, handsome in this photo. I really love the look in his eyes, it reminds me of a sly fox who found a hen house and is ready to devour whatever he finds in the hen house and doesn’t care if he gets caught or not.

  5. That last shot in the video with him in the shadows. OMG Breathtaking

  6. OMG I just need to digest this. Yum!

  7. He looks superb on this picture. Looks more mature yet ever so sexy all in black and this is a man who is going to age very well. A class act.

  8. He looks so elegant and handsome. I don’t think I have seen him in a turtleneck sweater and jacket like that. It looks good on him.

  9. […] little interview has just come out (thank you Servetus for the find and the link to the video on YouTube!) where Richard is asked a few questions about Love Love Love […]

  10. Just love love love this!

  11. Scrumptious!

  12. swoon and few other inappropriate things 😉

  13. […] Now. . . Oh.My. I just cannot get over how much I love this whole thing. And I’m not usually a fangirl to be VERY publicly demonstrative about how he looks. But DAYUM!  He looks amazing. Very cosmopolitan but relaxed. At this age, with this basic black wardrobe, and in The Jane Hotel, the whole thing hits so many of the right places for me.  The Jane Hotel is one of my dream hotels to do a vintage photo shoot in and the wardrobe is that of a grown-ass man, thank you very much. (Barring the shoes, which I give him a pass on as I’m wearing Chuck Taylors with gray trousers and a poet’s blouse this today, so who am I to talk?). But really, the only way this would have been more perfect for my sensibilities is if he had been dressed as Newland or Teddy Archer (from The Age of Innocence). I screencapped for a few different reasons. I tend to find tiny moments that speak to me in these kinds of video profiles. Like when he’s talking and his eyes snap up and then away for a split second. Or when his face shows a moment he’s thinking about something else, maybe how to play the next series of shots or maybe something further away in his mind. I like moments where he looks like he may look when there isn’t a camera pointed in his direction. I like moments when he looks comfortable in his skin and moments when he’s comfortable with that profile. There was one moment that was a serious “Yeah, check this profile” moment and then he lowered his chin and the glimmer of haughtiness disappeared.  It’s fun to watch an actor’s face in minutiae. One of my favorite things to do, if I’m honest. Anyway, here are my screencaps in gallery form. As a slight aside, this is one of those moments in my fangirl life that get my juices flowing on a creative level. In my set of historical costuming creatives, I’m the designated snapshot taker. I’ve done a bit of lighting design in the theater, so I have a sense of angles and of light, but I have no training or real technical understanding of photography (other than the elective I took in 8th grade, which is where I first learned about light and angles). I’ve always wanted to take some photography classes and get a solid camera to up my game in portraiture. My husband thinks I should pursue more video experience, too. Seeing a video that looks this good of my favorite actor is exactly the kind of thing that could get me to stop thinking about it and sign up for some courses in the New Year. Grown-Up Fangirl Skill: Allowing fangirling to inspire me to my own creative work. But maybe I need to watch this again a few more times to really make up my mind. . . if you know what I mean!   Thanks to Me + Richard Blog for the find and post! […]

  14. What a wonderful pic at breakfast time. How can I go on working without dreaming?

  15. Breathtaking! Now off to find a cold bucket of water to pour over myself in a probably failed attempt to cool down after watching that video….

  16. I’ve still not recovered from when I saw this late last night;-)

    Actually have some serious work to do, but how can I possibly concentrate on schedules, access to learning platforms, curricula etc.?
    Love the look. Who needs 007 when one’s got Richard Armitage?

    “Truth” + “Only meet people if you really want to meet people, not because they can do something for you” – Couldn’t agree more.

  17. I love his vibe in this & think he’s just fantastic in it… do we have any idea when the interview was done? Especially curious re: he “likes truth”… suspect it’s related to politics but wonder about the timing ☺

  18. Das ist ein richtig, richtig, richtig gutes Bild, heissa! Davon bitte mehr 🙂

  19. Someone needs to go wave this under the nose of whoever is casting Matthew Clairmont when they film the All Souls trilogy. Sigh.

    He is mighty tasty.

  20. Wonder if Mr.Spacey follows this bright path? 😉

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