Roundabout Holiday Auction, no #richardarmitage stuff though

So we were just joking about what you’d have to donate to get the seat next to Richard Armitage at a benefit ($10,000 US minimum donation for an invitation to the dinner; for $25,000 US you can get an invitation and reserved seating at the cast party) when Roundabout Theater Company posted its link to an auction of items to benefit it. Sadly no Love, Love, Love items available, but perhaps there’s something else you’d like to bid on in order to support the theater.

~ by Servetus on December 1, 2016.

12 Responses to “Roundabout Holiday Auction, no #richardarmitage stuff though”

  1. Hehe, I received the email, too, and thought the same. Would probably be a hefty sum. But then I thought, what if we rallied 200 fans who pay 100 $ each into a pool, and then we draw a raffle 😂 Suddenly the whole thing becomes affordable 😉


  2. Somehow stuff like this to me sounds even more awkward to attend than the Red Carpet events……


    • I really don’t know. Depends on what you hate about red carpet. He implied he doesn’t like being stared at — I doubt that happens here. Everyone there has donated a lot of money because they are interested in the theater. You can talk about that. Those people also all get various concessions on expensive theater tickets, maybe some have seen the play and have questions to ask about that. Probably no one there has donated solely for the purpose of meeting him specifically. I thought it was interesting that Amy Ryan was apparently not on the list, because I’m guessing this crowd might be more interested in meeting her. So maybe they wanted volunteers. And maybe it’s networking, too.


      • Of course, it’s a kind of networking too. People who have the money and the connections. It’s just the thing with them having so much money that they actually can buy almost everything. Awwww… that’s something I often have my problems with…


        • No disagreement there (that it’s problematic to apportion certain non-material goods to particular people primarily because they have the money to buy them). I do think, though, that it means that they have certain standards of behavior and ideas about what to do and say at events like this that might make it easier for an artist to navigate than a red carpet, even though of course the red carpet is full of people you don’t know and can’t possibly remember or will never see again. Although it’s fair to say that the red carpet people are really coming out for you, or for your product, which isn’t necessarily the case at a benefit dinner. I suppose it depends on what you find more worrying.


      • While I’m guessing it’s not Richard’s favorite activity, he seems like the type to do his part for promotion and who would understand the importance of these donors to Roundabout. I have a friend who years ago ran donor events like this for the Royal Shakespeare Company (sadly, just after Richard was with them – trust me, I asked) and she relied on two or three actors who were both always game for this kind of thing and were actually good at interacting with that crowd, whereas other actors either firmly refused and/or were just bad at it. So it’s hard to know why Ryan wasn’t there (could be she just wanted to spend time with her kids on her day off).


        • I wasn’t criticizing her for not being there, just noting that it was interesting because of all of them, she is probably the one that people who are really serious want to meet. She doesn’t do the stage door very often, either, which creates the impression that she doesn’t especially look forward to meeting audience members.


          • Yes, I agree on the second part (and I didn’t think you were criticizing her – I was wondering about it too).


  3. […] line with joking about what it would cost to attend a Roundabout Theater Company benefit and be seated next to Richard Armitage, in case any of us get to that position, here are is a list […]


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