This must be from Monday night #richardarmitage

Now we know how his hair really looks at the moment.


~ by Servetus on December 1, 2016.

27 Responses to “This must be from Monday night #richardarmitage”

  1. Hello Harry!!! 😍


  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head Guylty -Harry lives!

    That man must have a portrait stashed in his attic because Harry Kennedy graced our screens 10 years ago and he doesn’t seem to have aged at all.

    I’m also loving the dark suit/small collared white shirt/ skinny tie look. Something tells me this is what RA got out of his wardrobe – no stylist required.


    • No stylist would ever pick this out — it looks like he’s wearing a plastic tie clip.


      • I can’t make that out on my screen but I will take your word for it.

        Still loving the look though – plastic tie clip or not.


    • Someone needs to explain that shirt to me. He’s worn it before and I don’t get the collar with the dark inner rim. Is this a thing (she asks, clueless about fashion)?


      • this might be another instance of the collar style we saw a few years ago at WonderCon, where the tie appears to go through the collar. Or maybe he cluelessly has a dark shirt under it?


        • Wow, I’ve never seen the former – see, I am clueless. (And it doesn’t seem to be the case here since we’d see the bumpy edge of the knit tie against his neck.) While I hope he’s not wearing a dark shirt underneath, tbh if he did I’d probably like him even more…I prefer his un-styled self!


          • I just saw a closer closeup — I don’t think that’s the collar, I think he has a dark undershirt on. Maybe he didn’t have a clean white one, lol.


            • Oh Lord, the man cannot be trusted to dress himself!


            • LOL I wish it was true! 😀


              • My last comment disappeared into the ether – or your junk box Servetus.

                Are you sure it’s not a shadow? British men don’t tend to wear under shirts – that’s a very American thing so I think if he was faced with the dilemma of dark undershirt or no undershirt he’d go without.

                He didn’t wear an undershirt for the Popcorn taxi evening in Sydney – at one point I had quite a good view of his tummy as his shirt was gaping a bit. It’s burned into my memory!


      • Blimey – you are all so much more observant than me. I didn’t notice the dark shirt rim either ( I thought it was a shadow).

        I just took in the overall loveliness, fanned myself, swooned and posted. I thought I was doing well to get beyond my initial “Phwoooaaarrrr!”


  3. I think the hair is fabulous… almost Berlin premiere ❤️

    I’m with those who find the collar odd though. Pretty sure it’s not an undershirt. Bollyknickers is right, Brits just don’t tend to wear them, especially for an evening function.


  4. I don’t know that I have a definitive opinion.

    This is the collar I was referring to:

    It would be strange for a men’s white shirt to have a black margin there, though.

    The average evening temperature in NYC the last week of November is 38F, so I suspect if I were him I’d be wearing an undershirt (as I remember he was in Sydney on a warm fall day), particularly if he’s not wearing a coat, but I wouldn’t argue either way definitively.

    However, I don’t think it’s a shadow. If so it is (a) huge and (b) it’s not clear where it’s coming from.


  5. I believe we have seen this white shirt with the black something before, and it was also much commented back then. Either way, I would also be wearing (am actually wearing) an undershirt in this cold. It’s not an undershirt, though.
    I like the hair (yum). RA does look somewhat tired, however 😉 It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it 🙂


  6. Love, love, love, him with longer hair and nape curls…Berlin Premiere fantasies!!! Oh, if only I could think of what I’d want to say at such a function..!


  7. Always love him with his hair longer and maybe this way he can just comb it forward for the first act and then he doesn’t have to worry about it looking odd or adding to it. To me it looks like a shadow on his neck. Would love to get closer to definitely tell you, a lot closer. He looks young enough to still play Gisborne if he would grow it a bit longer 🙂


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