Beautiful shot of Daniel Miller #richardarmitage



~ by Servetus on December 2, 2016.

26 Responses to “Beautiful shot of Daniel Miller #richardarmitage”

  1. Oh. That one hit me right in the solar plexus.

  2. love Mr. Richard Armitage’s eyes. his eyes look like a Wolf / Wolves. Beautiful.

  3. wow. That is all.

  4. Yep.

  5. Ooh. Look at those eyes!

  6. This the second cap I’ve seen where I’ve wondered if the series is somehow blueing his eyes.

  7. Eyes. Angles. Crinkles. Stubble. Coat. Oh my. Love. Love. Love.

  8. I immediately thought, they’ve enhanced his eyes! Laws, he’s beautiful!

  9. *squirms

  10. Observer or Observed?

    Eyes so blue they don’t seem real
    I can’t describe how they make me feel
    Open lips seem poised to use
    That magic voice one can’t refuse
    His head could turn towards me soon
    And if it did I’d surely swoon
    Would he glimpse me beyond the screen?
    Or would I still be sight unseen?

  11. Give me a moment to handle this!

  12. On top of everything else – above anything else – those eyes are magical.
    Sometimes they’re blue, sometimes gray, and other times they’re green. What stays constant is the circular ring around the iris.
    My mother would call them ‘bedchamber eyes’😍😎I wonder who gave them to him, his mum or dad?

    • Aren’t blue eyes double recessive?

      • No, I believe two carriers of blue eyes can have blue-eyed children, but two blue-eyed people cannot have anything else than blue-eyed children. However, I’m not a geneticist.

        My daughter has the bluest eyes – really blue (Paul Newman blue) – but her dad has blue-greenish eyes, and I have brown-greenish (hazel?) eyes. And I assure you her dad is really her dad 🙂
        However, I carry the blue gene, because my dad also has very blue eyes.

      • geneticist!
        ‘Double recessive’ – yes – but only when two blue-eyed have children. These children can never be brown-eyed.

        • I took introduction to genetics for non-majors as a university junior, but I remember very little of Mendelian genetics — but OMG. Darwin. That was a revelation. One of those classes that has really stuck with me and been useful.

      • Sujet difficile et controversé , voyez le mythe de la personne blonde aux yeux bleus… Mais la génétique des yeux bleus peut aider la police scientifique. VIVE LES SCIENCES: LES GENES ET LES STATISTIQUES!

  13. Oh the beauty of photoshop…

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