New Criterion reviews #LLLPlay: “an outstanding Richard Armitage”

Here. There is a paywall. However, if your local public library has access to EBSCOHost, you can get it that way as well. New Criterion is a “classic” journal of criticism, culturally and politically conservative in tone — founded in the 1980s because its originators thought the NYC critics were too ideological. The article is a review of the Roundabout season so far and includes a discussion of both Holiday Inn and The Cherry Orchard as well. Amy Ryan is described as “highly engaging.” Most of the review is about the political or cultural significance of the play.

~ by Servetus on December 2, 2016.

2 Responses to “New Criterion reviews #LLLPlay: “an outstanding Richard Armitage””

  1. Oh, what a pity, the full article is available for the subscribers only.


  2. […] had every Nigerian novel I’ve recently wanted in their collection. And, for example, I found some non-public domain material there that surprised me a little this last fall. I think the only thing they haven’t had that I wanted was some books on tension as an aspect […]


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