Result from charity efforts at #LLLPlay #richardarmitage

They interrupt the applause from the play to do this. I also think their collection technique is quite efficient — collectors are well placed and I think I gave four out of five times I was there b/c I walked past a bucket person and thought, huh, I should see what’s in my pocket. Not a lot of money, maybe, but comprehensive.

Today is World AIDS Day. One of my former colleagues posted a picture on FB of himself with his lover, and memories of how much he misses him. The Physicist and I knew a lot of people who had HIV in the days before the cocktail, because The Physicist volunteered as a personal support person and I used to accompany him on visits or run errands at times. Those people are all gone now. My main friend from that context died in 1994. Maybe someday I’ll tell that story here.


~ by Servetus on December 2, 2016.

4 Responses to “Result from charity efforts at #LLLPlay #richardarmitage”

  1. Interesting. I noticed on Twitter today someone giving Zoe Kazan a hard time about the cast of LLL not doing enough to support this. I wonder if his tweet is in response to that. Plus, obviously their efforts pulled in a lot of money!


    • Yeah, a lot of people will have seen that as that person is a big fan of his (or used to be, anyway). I’m quite sure it was an indirect response.


  2. Being HIV positive can still be fatal if not treated. Only life-long drug consumption can keep it at bay; there’s no cure. Sometimes I think some people tend to forget this.
    To be confrontational on SoMe is not the right way to go about this, I believe.


    • yeah, without health insurance, you’re dead. You could never afford to be sick in a way that required so many drugs.

      Without getting into too much detail, the whole episode was a bit strange. I think it’s explicable in light of the fact that the person involved has some personal history with the specific issue, but I think Zoe et al. are doing their part, and I don’t understand why anyone would think they had to state their fundraising total in response to that.


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