Top 10 things not to say to Richard Armitage after paying $10k to sit next to him


What do you think they were talking about?


In line with joking about what it would cost to attend a Roundabout Theater Company benefit and be seated next to Richard Armitage, in case any of us get to that position, here are is a list of things to consider not saying:

10. “You seemed so much shorter on screen.”

9. “If you’re not going to eat that roll, would you mind if I do?”

8. “So what’s Zoe Kazan really like?”

7. “If you’re worried about money, I can put you in touch with the casting director for the CATS revival. I’ve heard they’re trying to add a Swing for February.”

6. As the dessert course is being served: “Ooh — is that Angel Delight?”

5. “I’ve been doing this new kind of cold water therapy where you immerse your entire body face down in extremely cold water immediately after a run and hold your breath! It’s really invigorating. You’ve got to try it.”

4. “I’m so excited about Brexit — I think it’s going to offer the UK all kinds of new opportunities!”

3. “What kind of relationship did you have with your horse on The Hobbit?”

2. “Isn’t Twitter fun?”

And the number one thing to consider not saying to Richard Armitage after paying $10,000 to sit next to him is:

1.  “So great to meet you, Hugh!”

~ by Servetus on December 3, 2016.

26 Responses to “Top 10 things not to say to Richard Armitage after paying $10k to sit next to him”

  1. ROFL!! Love this, Servetus!


  2. LOL! Oh what a topic. I can think of a few more. Top 10 is very limiting! snickers


  3. Fab, fab, fab! Thanks so much for the laugh! 😅


  4. Rofl ! Thanks 😀
    What is so wrong about nr.9 if i may ask?


  5. “Have my roll — you look like you need it more than me” ?!


  6. You make my day!! Thanks a lot.ROFL


  7. Mwahahaha, excellent! The Brexit and Twitter ones had me almost spit out my breakfast cereal in laughter. 😂


    • I was thinking about how I felt when the postperson told me he was relieved that Donald Trump had won the election.


  8. ROFL! Excellent – what great ideas. Almost makes me wish someone tried them out on him. (evil grin 😉


  9. ROFL. Love it. And is it deliberate you left the biggest chestnut of all out of the list or was it just too obvious?
    #11 “So, did you really start your career in the circus?”
    Another chestnut favourite: “So Mr Armitaaaaaj, where in France did your ancestors come from?”


    • That was #11 originally 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Résultats d’une recherche très rapide
      Total des naissances pour le patronyme ARMITAGE :
      1891 – 1915 : 1
      1916 – 1940 : 1
      1941 – 1965 : 9
      1966 – 1990 : 1
      soit 12 personnes nées en France depuis 1890, dans 7 départements
      Charente Maritime, Pas-de-Calais, Manche, Paris, Somme, Meuse, Rhône.
      D’autres lieux sont mentionnés dans la région parisienne, dans les Alpes ou en Bretagne: Morbihan, pour des séjours …

      Origine : Armitage est un nom de famille anglais, variante du français qui désignait l’habitant d’un endroit désert, dérive de ermitage ou hermitage endroit désert, il s’agit à l’origine d’un nom de domaine devenu patronyme . (nom d’une commune du Staffordshire).


      • Thanks for that, squirrel. You should send that to Armitage so he can bat the interviewers over the head with the stats and stop them Frenchifying his name 😉


        • Vive la diversité! Vive les accents! Dans ces temps d’intolérance , je fait appel à plus de laisser aller, de cool attitude, moins d’égocentrisme, de psychorigidité.
          Sans faire référence aux prononciations qui diffèrent d’un pays à un autre ou même d’une région à une autre, je suis d’une énorme tolérance, quant à la prononciation de mon nom et de mon prénom. (passent partout, sans problème, ils peuvent être portés par une personne d’origine française, anglaise ou allemande). Je ne reprends personne, sauf s’ils sont oralement transformés involontairement, lapsus linguae, pour devenir ceux d’un de mes concurrents direct.
          Aussi, pour Richard Armitage, avec la même liberté de choix, je lui laisse le loisir de reprendre ou non son interlocuteur.


    • LOL Both are great!


  10. For $10K, he can give me his roll if I want it. 🙂


  11. From FB comes the suggestion: “So: what did Guy wear under those leather trousers of wonder?”


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