Each interesting in its own way

Entertainment Tonight on Richard Armitage’s swoonworthy voice. I agree about the voice but I generally think people’s food should stay in their own mouths, especially once chewed (sorry, that’s not really on a list of my turn-ons). I wonder if we could get Richard Armitage to read a parody of Romeo & Juliet?

Buzzy Mag on Berlin Station. This interview was done back in July.

~ by Servetus on December 5, 2016.

2 Responses to “Each interesting in its own way”

  1. Completely agree with his last comment ( re Berlin Station) but maybe not for the reasons he intended. “You really need to have your brain switched on in order to watch it and follow it.” Certainly true for Eps 1-3.


    • LOL. Agree with you. The script reminds me of papers I used to get sometimes from very bright students. You could never talk to them about it though. I was always saying, “Yes, there’s a good idea here, but if no one can follow it, it’s not a good idea. Disorganization is not a sign of higher level reasoning.”


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