Is it me, or is it it weird #richardarmitage

I’m not one to comment on Richard Armitage’s failure to tweet (I’m in the “he has better things to do” camp), but is it weird that he didn’t comment on the Romeo & Juliet release yesterday?

~ by Servetus on December 7, 2016.

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  1. Maybe he did something wrong, now he is grounded and Mama Armitage confiscated all his electronic devices ;)))))

    But all joking aside: Yes, it is weird!

    • Das kann ja selbst zukünftigen Präsidenten (vorübergehend) passieren 😉

      • Also, wenn Du mich fragst gehört der aktuelle zukünftige Präsident für 4 Jahre im Keller des Weißen Hauses zum Hausarrest weggesperrt – da kann er am wenigsten Schaden anrichten!

        • seriously. There were two main news stories yesterday that related to presidential decisions and both of them were frightening as heck.

    • If you can still be grounded when you’re 45, I’m in trouble!

      • lol
        Well I don’t know your dad but Mama Armitage looks like a resolute lady so I wouldn’t consider it impossible 😉

        • I don’t think dad could shut down my computer access (he’s too dependent on me), but he could take away my car keys!!

  2. Hmm, merkwürdig ist das schon. Er war in letzter Zeit sehr gesprächig und immer bereit, seine Arbeit in den Vordergrund zu rücken.
    Vielleicht / hoffentlich hat er Besseres zu tun?
    😉 Süß, dass es dir auffällt, obwohl du eigentlich lieber überhaupt nicht hingucken möchtest. Ich hab tatsächlich einfach nicht hingeguckt… manchmal klappt das.

  3. Maybe he had a brainfart and forgot??

  4. He retweeted the Audible’s promo clip yesterday. Don’t know, if it is enough from his side as a narrator.

    • I thought that was day before yesterday.

      • Oh, then I could be wrong.

      • Seems like his participation in BS promotion is minimized. As well as his presence on Twitter in general. 😮 Hope he has better things to do.

        • Seriously.

        • He does. The play finishes on December 18th, so, the clock has begun to click, and that’s where his energy will go.

          • hmm. Wonder why he spent so much time on Berlin Station promotion then.

            • Timing. Everyone juggles two things at once to varying degrees of success.

              • Sure. Everyone’s going to find different arguments more convincing, though. I find it odd, given that the acknowledgement of the release would take five seconds if he were on Twitter. And I personally don’t care either way why he tweets or not. However, if I am looking for an explanation, and I move to my go to “he has better things to do,” they aren’t really related to the play unless there is something going on that’s bigger than the play itself. I don’t see the play as a disproportionate energy burner. I guess we’ll potentially get a clue next week.

                • He always used Twitter for promotion. A new project baking in the background? I have to admit, I didn’t notice the lag until it got brought up.

                  • yeah, that’s what’s strange. This would be a point where you’d expect a tweet on the day (given his previous pattern). There was that advance tweet. It was like he knew ahead of time he was going to be busy with something else “on the day.” Or maybe I’m overreading and he just forgot.

                • Then again everyone, I myself included, are reading too much into this. I will go back to the fantasy he will film a movie in Winnipeg.

  5. I think I’m closing this thread. I don’t have time to deal with people flipping out just because i ask what he’s doing and then don’t automatically agree with their answer.

  6. OK, I’ve thought this over and I’m reopening the thread because there’s no point in shutting down a discussion just because one person loses it. Fatima, your comment is in violation of the comments policy; do not tell me or other commentators here that we are taking something too seriously or you will be blocked in future.

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