Love, Love, Love tweets — 12/6 [?] #richardarmitage

I did not see any tweets or pictures commenting on tonight’s play yet. Would love to have some! Here are some stragglers from the weekend, though.







~ by Servetus on December 7, 2016.

3 Responses to “Love, Love, Love tweets — 12/6 [?] #richardarmitage”

  1. Another cold, rainy night in NYC—lots of people waiting under the overhang out of the rain so very chaotic and crowded in and outside the lobby. Both Ben and Alex ended up in the midst of the crowd and signed, but RA was a no show as were Zoe and Amy. Good performances by the actors but not a high energy crowd though it was packed—another subscriber heavy audience I think. There were people there who had no idea what the play was even about and asked if it was about the Beatles since they twigged onto the title of the play and realized that the opening playlist consisted of 60’s songs.

    Not much laughter for Act 1, moderate laughter in Act 2 (biggest laugh was for Zoe screaming that Ken and Amy were the s********, effn parents) and the most laughter in Act 3, surprisingly.

    I went with a friend who likes RA and is watching Berlin Station for him but isn’t a fangirl–she really enjoyed the play, even as she was horrified at how awful both Ken and Sandra were. She also generally prefers musicals to plays so was prepared to be bored even though she was looking forward to seeing RA, but surprised herself by how much she enjoyed the play.

    I was at the Sunday matinee and RA switched up the performance there–he went for an angrier, more forceful performance in Act 2 & 3, less comic. He was slower and weary in Act 3, but still you could sense a stronger vitality in this Ken, and when he told Sandra he wanted to die with her, you could feel the yearning and sincerity, and the scenes bw Amy and Ken were especially electric. Zoe even remarked on it in the talk afterwards, saying that for the first time she wasn’t worried about Sandra driving home drunk bc she knew she’d be staying the night with Ken, lol! Tonight he was back to emphasizing the comic notes in his performance.

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    • Thank you so much for your report. Much appreciated.


    • Thanks for this report. I’ve caught differences in the question of Ken’s humor vs his anger in the performances I’ve seen, but I’ve never seen one in which I actually believed Ken was more than manipulative in Act Three.


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