No matter how you feel about Berlin Station, the Richard Armitage poster is cool

Neat item, I think — the Berlin Station promo subway poster. Bids start at $9.99 on ebay (plus postage, which adds more). Five feet long — could be hard to display.


~ by Servetus on December 8, 2016.

16 Responses to “No matter how you feel about Berlin Station, the Richard Armitage poster is cool”

  1. I don’t know about that…my bedroom wall is plenty longer than 5 feet. Dunno if I want those blue eyes covertly staring at me as I snore all night though – plus with the 2 Crucible posters the 5 feet might be a little overkill. Whaddya think?


  2. Nobody rocks an upturned coat collar like RA. Poster is tempting, but I would prefer something a little more revealing. Is it too much to ask to see the rest of his face? Evidently.


    • You want to see the beard? 🙂

      maybe the season 2 poster will have a topless shot 🙂


      • Yeah, as a pin-up for the locker 😂


      • I don’t care if his face is bearded or not, just as long as it is visible. As for the skin shot, would you prefer the front or rear view? We have both to chose from in season one. 🙂 Now those would make quite the poster.


        • maybe another cardboard cutout.


          • That would be fun. I wonder if it would come with removable clothes, like a paper doll? It would be very distracting otherwise. Where did you hang your poster? Are his eyes giving you frosty looks from the ceiling? A wall, a woman cave?


            • There’s just no place to put it at present, unfortunately. Hopefully in future.

              You definitely couldn’t keep it in the office.


            • Kathy, you hit the nail on the head! LOL!! Women cave!! Delicious idea! We could lure Mr.-frosty-looks-Miller there by holding out the prospect of disclosing some super-secret informations, of which we actually cannot unburden us fast enough in terms of the momentousness!
              BTW Removable clothes: that reminds me of Agzy. (Miss her dearly!!) She would’ve come up with the perfect variety of Super Spy’s fashionable so-not-kinky clothings (!!) to choose, to change, and to indulge us playfully needy-greedy ladies!!!! Awww… what a present that would be!!! 😀 😛


              • I thought of her, too — she would have been all over this.


                • Well, Linda and Serv, maybe someone will step up Super Spy’s fashion game a la dearly missed Azgy. As for your poster, Serv, hope it can see the light of day (or light of room) soon. It is rather large, but those baby blues deserve to be blown up (in a good way).


  3. Thanks for the information!

    What I find surprising is that the poster doesn’t show on German, French or UK ebay (I tried, it was on US and an Asian ebay, though), and you can’t even find it there with the article number although the seller has listed it for international shipping. I know that European ebay sites have been blocking more and more international sellers, starting with Asians, and recently with US DVDs etc., but why on earth would they want to block the sale of a poster for which there isn’t even any competition in Europe?


    • Wow, no idea. Is it possible that the seller only listed it on certain sites?


      • If he listed it for international shipping, it should automatically show up internationally / on other ebay sites. And Germany etc. are on his list of countries he’s shipping to. And unless ebay actively blocks it, one should be able to find it searching by the article number even if the seller doesn’t sell internationally. There’s a message that the seller may not sell to your country in that case.

        When this kind of thing started happening, I contacted ebay and was told it was for buyers’ protection since there had been complaints against Asian sellers, but they blocked sellers with 100% positive feedback selling art or minerals, and allowed sellers with poor feedback on other things. Then they blocked more and more sellers from all over the world, often in areas where there’d be competition with local companies, e. g. when it comes to film imports. It’s really frustrating.

        Looking at this poster, which I never would have found out about without you, I’ve been asking myself if I might have got some of the stuff I’ve been looking for (Staged DVD and Crucible posters) if only I wasn’t in Europe.


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