Collateral attractions: Stephen Hunter interviews Dean O’Gorman

Here it is!

~ by Servetus on December 9, 2016.

2 Responses to “Collateral attractions: Stephen Hunter interviews Dean O’Gorman”

  1. I enjoyed this interview. Thought Dean O’Gorman made an interesting observation that he had found so called considered “serious good dramatic” actors like Ian McLellan and Helen Mirren had a “light energy” on set, doing what was necessary to get the scene done with no “unnecessary earnestness”, “don’t look at me approach”. Just wondered whether he may have been alluding to RA possibly? Recall RA saying in some of the Hobbit interviews that he would walk off between takes, did not like to be spoken to whilst in character because he had to concentrate or words to that effect.
    Not quite sure what Steven Hunter meant by Cate Blanchett having a “polarizing” effect on set, whether that was something positive or negative?


    • I thought that was interesting, too, but didn’t necessarily think he was alluding to Armitage. McKellen was the “serious good dramatic” actor on that set. He may have had in the back of his mind people who are serious pseudo-“method” actors.

      re “polarizing,” I wondered if he meant to say something more like “blinding,” given the whole context of that part of the interview, which seemed to be about whether O’Gorman was dumbfounded by working with Mirren. Of course, he may have also meant the word literally.


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